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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 170. 1893. 49] westerly along said Richmond street to Brightwood avenue; thence Southerly along the present tracks of the said Brightwood Railway on said Brightwood avenue, to the intersection of Marshall street with said Brightwood avenue; thence westerly along and over said Marshall street to Kenyon avenue; thence along said Kenyon avenue westerly to Fourteenth street. Sec. 2. That work on said branch road shall be begun within six C°i;iii1°'i°°m0¤i7¤¤d months and completed—with cars running thereon-within one year °°mP °“°“` from the date of the approval of this act. And said branch road shall Equipment, timebe supplied with new cars of the most approved pattern, which shall be °°“°‘i °* °‘°· run as the public convenience may require, and said branch road shall be maintained in iirst—class condition. And said Brightwood Railway rm. Company shall charge not exceeding five cents fare for one continuous ride from any point on its line to the terminus of its main line or any of its branches. Sec. 3. That for the purpose of constructing and equipping its said B¤¤d¤· branch line, as provided for in this act, the said Brightwood Railway Company is hereby authorized and empowered to issue its bonds to aid in paying for such construction and equipment of its said branch line, and to secure the said bonds by mortgage or deed of trust of its right of way and all of its property of whatsoever kind, whether real, personal, or mixed, on said branch line: Provided, That the moneys raised on P·‘·>¤*<>•· said bonds shall be used and expended only for the construction and U°° °‘ P'°°°"‘i“· equipment of said branch line: And provided further, That the amount Limit °*`i’°ii*i i—““°* of said bonds shall not exceed the actual cost of the right of way, construction, and equipment, motive power, and such land and buildings as may be necessary to the practical and complete operation of said branch line. Sec. 4. That, should any part of the branch line of said Brightwood — Use of wammug Railroad herein provided for coincide with portions of any other duly "°°k“' incorporated street railway in the District of Columbia, but one set of tracts shall be used when, on account of the width of the street or for other sufficient reason, it shall be deemed necessary by the Commissioners of the District, and the relative conditions of use and of char- T¤¤¤¤· tered rights may be adjusted upon terms to be mutually agreed upon between the companies, or, in case of disagreement, by the supreme court of the District of Columbia, on petition liled therein by either party and on such notice to the other party as the court may order. Sec. 5. That in the event that the company should not be able to m_{·,*‘,j‘g,£u’"s’°°d”*Y come to an agreement with the owner or owners of any land through " ` which the said branch line may be located to pass or upon which any _ necessary buildings may be required to be located, proceedings for the c°QQ;';;,'}‘““*‘°“ i“’°‘ condemnation for the use of said company of so much of said land as _ may be required, not exceeding one hundred feet in width, for its road- L"““°f "i‘m" °°°‘ way, and of so much as may be necessary for buildings, and so forth, may be instituted in the usual way in the supreme court of the District of Columbia, under such rules and regulations as said court may prescribe for such purposes. Sec. 6. That this act shall be considered as an amendment to the act C¤=¤*<>= ¤¤·¤·i°<i· approved October eighteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty eight, grant- V°i·2i· i’;,“°· ing a charter to the Brightwood Railway Company, and shall be con- A""` i" “7°‘ strued as being subject to all the powers, privileges, limitations, and

}0Hil1hi0l1S of said original act, except as specifically provided otherwise

nerem. SEC}. 7. This act may be altered, amended or repealed by Congress at Am°¤'i'“°'i*·°“°· any time, at its discretion. Approved, February 27, 1893.