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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 208. 1893. 589 necessary expenses, not exceeding one thousand dollars; in all, four thousand dollars. FURNITURE AND REPAIRS OF FURNITURE: For furniture and repairs rm-num and re of furniture and carpets for all public buildings, marine hospitals in- *”“"" eluded, under the control of the Treasury Department, and for furniture, carpets chandeliers, and gas iixtures for new building , exclusive of personal services, except for work done by contract, one hundred and eighty thousand dollars. And all furniture now owned by the United States in other buildings shall be used, as far as practicable, whether it corresponds with the present regulation plans for furniture or not. FUEL, LIGHTS, AND WATER Fon PUDLIG BU1LDrNcs: For fuel, lights, Wy;} lisktn. ¤¤<1 water, electric-light plants, includingrepairs thereto, in such buildings ‘ asmay be designated by the Secretary of the Treasury for electric-light wiring, and miscellaneous items required by the janitors and ilremen in the proper care of the buildings, furniture, and heating apparatus, exclusive of personal services, for all public buildings, marine hospitals included, under the control of the Treasury Department, inclusive of new buildings, eight hundred thousand dollars. And the appropriation herein made for gas in any of the public buildings in the District of Columbia, under the control of the Treasury Department, shall include the rental or use of any gas governor, gas purifier, or other device for reducing the expenses of gas, when tlrst approved by the Secretary of the Treasury and ordered by him in writing: Provided, That m M no sum shall be paid for such rental or use of such gas governor, gas °°" °°' purifier, or device greater than the one-half part of the amount of money Actually saved thereby. SUPPRESSING COUNTERFEITING AND OTHER CRIMES: For expenses Supigmsins wwwincurred under the authority or with the approval of the Secretary of the “"f°‘ ""‘ °°°‘ Treasury in detecting, arresting, and delivering into custody of the United States marshal having jurisdiction, dealers and pretended dealers in counterfeit money, and persons engaged in counterfeiting Treasury notes, bonds, national·bank notes, and other securities of the United States and of foreign governments, as well as the coins of the United States and of foreign governments and other felonies committed against the laws of the United States relating to the pay and bounty laws, including four thousand dollars to make the necessary investigation of claims for reimbursement of expenses incident to the last sickness and burial of deceased pensioners under section forty-seven hundred and R-S--¤¤¤·4718»r-m- eighteen of the Revised Statutes, and five thousand dollars for the necessary investigation of violations of section fifty-two hundred and nine of the Revised Statutes, and for no other purpose whatever, sixty IL s.,m. thousand dollars: Provided, That no part of this amount be used in ,.,0,,,,, defraying the expenses of any person subpuenaed by the United States Restriction, courts to attend any trial before a United States court or preliminary examination before any United States commissioner. _ COMPENSATION IN 1.1EU or momrms: For compensation in lieu of ,,§,°,§'}",,‘§,§§'f,{‘,f,§,f"‘ *' moieties in certain cases under the customs revenue laws, fifteen thousand dollars. EXPENSES or LOCAL APPRAISERS’ rrnrzsrrrms; For defraying the mg-eg; gl =·rv¤*·°¤‘¤' necessary expenses of local appraisers at semiannual meetings for the g ` purpose of securing uniformity in the appraisement of dutiable goods at ditferent ports of entry, one thousand two hundred dollars. ENFORCEMENT or ALIEN coNTaAcT-LABoR LAWS: For the enforce- ,“¢:*°¤°°”*’°°"""°' ment of the alien contract-labor laws and to prevent the immigration ' of convicts, lunatics, idiots, and persons liable to become a public pharge, from foreign contiguous territory, seventy-five thousand dollars. ENFOBCEHENT on mm Cnumsn ExcLUS1oN ACT: To prevent un- U*¤*¤°*° °¤°*°’*°"· lawful entry of Chinese into the United States, by the appointment of suitable officers to enforce the laws in relation thereto, and for expenses of returning to China all Chinese persons tbnnd to beunlawfully in the