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FIFTYSECOND CONGRESS. Sess. Il. Ch. 208. 1893. 593 granted to said States by the act of Congress approved February twenty-second, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, for a period of sixty VoI.25,p.681. days after lands have been surveyed and duly declared to be subject to selection and entry under the general land laws of the United States: And Provided further, That such preference right shall not Nemneemesgmsa accrue against bona Bde homestead or pre-emption settlers on any of °°"‘“" ’°‘“°"· °‘”· said lands at the date of Bling of the plat of survey of any township in any local land office, of said States. And that all that portion of the Fort Randall military reservation which lies within the state of sepcnou or ron South Dakota may be selected, at any time within one year after the Ejgogllgugjgfgy passage of this act or the approval of the survey of said reservation kewby the Secretary of the Interior, by the State of South Dakota as a part of the lands granted to the State under the provisions of an act to provide for the admission of South Dakota into the Union, approved v¤1.zs,p.ss1. February twenty-second, eighteen hundred eighty-nine; and when said lands are selected as herein provided the Secretary of the Interior shall rama to mus. cause patents to be issued to the State of South Dakota: Provided, That if the State of South Dakota shall select said lands such selection shall embrace al] the lands in said reservation in said State of Limit smitten. South Dakota not exceeding the amount of land granted said State by the enabling act. That section one of an act entitled "An act to repeal timber culture mf;'¤'>°* ¤¤1*¤r¤ ¤¤· laws and for other purposes,” approved March third, eighteen hun- vol. za, p. mm, dred and ninety-one, be, and hereby is amended by adding the follow- “*“°*··’°•*· ing words to the fourth proviso thereof: “And provided further That yefjggogrygyggqgt if trees, seeds, or cuttings were in good faith planted as provided by man. °· ` law and the same and the land upon which so planted were thereahser in good faith cultivated as provided by law for at least eight years by a person qualified to make entry and who has a subsisting entry under the timber culture laws, Bnal proof may be made without regard to the number of trees that may have been then growing on the land." . And provided further, That where so1dier’s additional homestead djxmgggg entries have been made or initiated upon certificate of the Commis- uomesmaeumts. sioner of the General Land Office of the right to make such entry, and there is no adverse claimant, and such certiBcate is found erroneous or invalid for any cause, the purchaser thereunder, on making proof of such purchase, may perfect his title by payment of the Government price for the land; but no persontshall be permitted to acquire more than one hundred and sixty acres of public land through the location Maximum. of any such certiicate. That the mayors of the cities of Richfield and Morgan, in the Terri u}{¤»‘cp> of RQ9g1g tory of Utah be, and are hereby, authorized to enter in trust for the °rJi·., y2.;.?'?-?.'};.,-i,i,.;i., benefit of the inhabitants of said cities, respectively, for town-site """""'*·****‘l*¤·‘l·•>¤¤¤~ purposes, the school lands situated within the corporate limits of said cities, not exceeding one section in Richfield and onequarter section in Morgan, snbieut to the provisions of the Statutes of the United States, relating to town.sites, and that the Territory of Utah, through its rnuemuizylieu ma. proper officers, shall be, and is hereby, authorized to select lien lands ‘° °‘*"‘· - as indemnity and in full satistaction for the school lands thus diverted. For necessary expenses of survey, appraisal, and sale, and pay of n_;}_':§:{mj_*‘m*l**¤¤ custodians, of abandoned military reservations transferred to the con-` trol of the Secretary of the Interior under the provisions of an act of Qongress approved July fifth, eighteen hundred and eighty-four includ- V¤1·23-p-1¤3- lng u custodian of the- ruin of Casa Grande, five thousand dollars; C**"° G"“”*‘°· Promlcd, That the President is hereby authorized by proclamation to {3*****;**, S. withhold from sale and grant tbr public use to the municipal corpora- city?-:;1mi.:¤?;i]`lm°lPd tion in which the same is situated all or any portion of any abandoned military reservation not exceeding twenty acres in one place. For survey of private land claims in the States of Colorado, Nevada, survey of privm and Wyomiiig, and in the Territories of Arizona, New Mexico, and ‘““'*°**"’““· Utah, conBrmed under the provisions of the act of Congress entitled von XXVII+3$