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R1I·*rY-suconn conennss. snss. 11. en. 208. 1893. 595 For the purchase of necessary books for the library, and the pay- 3***- M- ment of the transmission of public documents through the Smithsonian exchange, two thousand dollars; For engraving and printing the geological maps of the United States, M°P°· fifty-tive thousand dollars; For rent of office rooms in Washington, District of Columbia, four P~¤¤=· thousand two hundred dollars; In all, for the United States Geological Survey, four hundred and fourteen thousand one hundred dollars; That the unexpended balances of appropriations made for the fiscal Unernvndvd Mb year eighteen hundred and ninety-one for the Geological Survey may °"°°' be applied to the liquidation of outstanding liabilities on account of any of said appropriations for said fiscal year. ` MISCELLANEOUS OBJECTS. m,.,.,u,,_,,.,.,,.,,_ surnmm covnr nnronrs. m§_;r*¤·¤¤ 00*** 1** To pay the reporter of decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States for seventy-six copies, each, of volumes one hundred and fifty to one hundred and fifty-four inclusive, of the United States Reports, at a rate not exceeding two dollars per volume, under the provisions or section two of the act of February twelfth, eighteen hundred and V•l*25·1>·¤¤`- eighty-nine, seven hundred and sixty dollars. GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL Fon THE INSANE. mGg°;°;;;=;¤:;“'f{f¤PF For current expenses of the Government Hospital for the Insane: on-rm upenn;. For support, clothing, and treatment in the Government Hospital for the Insane of the insane from the Army and Navy, Marine Corps, Revenue-Cutter Service, and inmates of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, persons charged with or convicted of crimes against the United States who areinsane, all persons who have become insane since their entry into the military or naval service of the United States, who have been admitted to the hospital and who are indigent, two hundred and sixty-six thousand seven hundred and eighty-six dollars; and not exceeding one thousand five hundred dollars of this sum may be expended in defraying the expenses of the removal of patients to their friends. For the buildings and grounds of the Government Hospital for the n¤mu¤g• na Insane, as follows: ¤'°‘"*'l*· For general repairs and improvements, thirteen thousand dollars. For special improvements as follows: For pavilions complete for the epileptic insane, sixty-two thousand rmi10s. :¤r¤p¤¤r= five hundred dollars. °'° "‘“““°‘ COLUMBIA INSTITUTION Fon THE DEAR ANI) mum. tigslpgbiaggniina Dumb. CURRENT Exmmvsns OF THE COLUMBIA INSTITUTION Fon THE C¤¤‘¤¤*°*P°¤¤°* DEAF Arm Duma: For support of the institution, including salaries and incidental expenses, for books and illustrative apparatus, and for general repairs and improvements, fifty-two thousand five hundred dollars, three thousand dollars of which to be expended in the employ- ment of instructors of articulation. For completion of inclosure of grounds, one thousand dollars. nowmn umvnnsrrr. **0***** U¤*'°¤“¥· For maintenance of the Howard University to be used in payment of M“""“"‘°°’ part of the salaries of the omcers, professors, teachers, and other regular employees of the university, the balance of which will be paid from