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FlF'l‘Y·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 208. 1893. 599 park commissioners and their historical assistant, continuing the restoration of the field, labor, clerical assistance, and office expenses; in all, one hundred thousand dollars. And the Secretary of War is hereby authorized to accept on behalf of the United States donations Donations or num. of land for road purposes. NATIONAL CEMETERIES. Na·tiona1ccme¤erios_ For national cemeteries: For maintaining and improving national M=>i¤m¤¤¤c¤,ew. cemeteries, including, fuel for superintendents of national cemeteries, pay of laborers and other employees, purchase of tools and materials, one hundred thousand dollars. For superintendents of national cemeteries: For pay of seventy-tive S¤1>¤¤¤f~¤d¤¤¤¤ superintendents of national cemeteries, sixty-one thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars. Hnimsronns ron cnAvns or sonnmns: For continuing the work d,§rge¤¤¤>¤·;¤ f<>¤ ¤·>i- of furnishing headstones for unmarked graves of Union soldiers, sail- gm`", ' ors, and marines in national, post, city, town, and village cemeteries, _ naval cemeteries at navy·yards and stations of the United States, and other burial places, under the acts of March third, eighteen hundred V°L up-545- and seventy-three and February third, eighteen hundred and seventy- WL 2°· i>·28r . nine, twenty-five thousand dollars. REPAIRING ROADWAYS To NATIONAL CEMETERIES: For repairs to R°°**"°Y°· roadways to national cemeteries which have been constructed by special authority of Congress, eight thousand dollars. Bumn. OF TNDIGENT sonnmnsz For expenses of burying in the _0gj¤¤·i¤1¤f indigent Arlington National Cemetery, or in the cemeteries of the District of °"` Columbia, indigent ex-Union soldiers, sailors, and marines of the late civil war who die in the District of Columbia, to be disbursed by the Secretary of War, at a cost not exceeding nity dollars for such burial expenses in each case, exclusive of cost of grave, one thousand tive hundred dollars. RoAD TO NATIONAL CEMETERY, PRESIDI0 OF SAN FRANCISCO, CAL- mm to rrssmio, IFORNIA2 For continuing the work of improving the reservation at the °”1· Presidio of San Francisco, California, by developing and perfecting the water supply, the reclaiming of sand dunes, the planting of trees and shrubs, and construction of new roads, the erection of a permanent ience or wall on the south and east lines of the reservation, the erection of permanent gateways, the reclamation of the marsh, and other general and much needed improvements. ten thousand dollars. BATTLE Lmns AND Suns Fon TABLETS AT ANTIETAM: For con- Auummnmetietinuing the work of surveying, locating, and preserving lines of battle °°l“· of the Army of the Potomac and of the Army of Northern Virginia, at Antietam, and for locating and marking the positions of the tbrty-three diderent commands of the regular Army engaged in the battle of Antietam, and for purchase of sites for tablets for marking the same, and for the purchase of roadway to tablets as follows: For the purchase of Addition! fsbloh. fifty additional tablets, and transporting and setting up same; pur- °°°° chase of fifty additional sites for tablets; salaries of board, including ofiice rent, hire of vehicles, and mileage, and for the condemnation of the land and acquiring title of the same, and for the purchase of land Roadway purchase, for roadway irom a point on the Sharpsburg and Hagerstown turnpike °°°° to a point on the Sharpsburg and Boonsboro turnpike (said land is known asthe Bloody Lane or Sunken Road), and for repairing and lf3D01I1g m said roadway; fifteen thousand dollars: Provided, That the P'°W¢>· Secretary of War is authorized to supply at Antietam such number of mf,{,gg?g“b0;§§;M*° ' cannon and cannon balls as his judgment may approve, and which can ` be spared, for the purpose of marking the positions of the different commands engaged in the battle of Antietam. DIONUMENTS AND TABLETS AT GETTYsBURG: For the purpose of Monumentsandmb pI‘8S€I‘Vl¤g the lines of battle at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and foI' ms °°("°°°y°b"“‘P* properly marking with tablets the positions occupied by the various