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624 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 209. 1893. Teachers, see. For pay of five teachers, one physician, one carpenter, one miller, v°l· "’· *‘· °‘°· one engineer, two farmers, and one blacksmith, per thirteenth article of same treaty, ten thousand four hundred dollars. ·E1¤Pl¤Y¤cs. For pay of additional employees at the several agencies for the Sioux in Nebraska and Dakota, twenty thousand dollars; one thousand dollars of which shall be used to pay a second blacksmith at Forest City Agency, South Dakota, two hundred dollars of which shall be immediately available. rsuumam mmm. For industrial schools at the Santee Sioux and Crow Creek agencies,

ix thousand dollars;

. S¤l·¤*¤*¤¤<=·- ¤¤=· For subsistence of the Sioux, and for purposes of their civilization, vn. is, pm. as per agreement ratiiied by act of Congress approved February twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and seventy seven, one million one g;_*(*·>·;t_¤ hundred and fifty thousand dollars: Provided, That this sum shall in- °P° °°‘ clude transportation of supplies from the termination of railroad rslnaumpntymsns. or steamboat transportation; and in this service Indians shall be employed whenever practicable: And provided further, That the I-i¤·¤¤*r=·ti¤¤¤· number of rations issued shall not exceed the number of Indians on each reservation and any excess in the number of rations issued shall be disallowed in the settlement of the agent’s account. mam. For pay of a matron at the Santee Agency, five hundred dollars; B¤=¤=k¤¤¤i¤¤-¤*~· For pay of second blacksmith, and turnishing iron, steel, and other tmaizerial, per eighth article of same treaty, one thousand six hundred · dollarsscxms. For dupport and maintenance of day and industrial schools, including erection and repairs of school buildings, in accordance with article vcr 15,, un. seven of treaty of April twentyminth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, ' which article is continued in force for twenty years by section sevenvorzspmi. teen of the act of March second, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, one hundred thousand dollars; in all, one million five hundred and seventy-three thousand five hundred dollars. megan:. Ysntu SIOUX, YANKTON TREE. For fifth of twenty installments, last series, to be paid to them or exvoi, 1;,,,,m, pended for their benetit, per fourth article of treaty of April nineteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty-eight, iiiteen thousand dollars; sutsnuntmu. For subsistence and civilization of two thousand Yankton Sioux v¤i.1o,p.2s·:. heretofore provided for in appropriations under “Fullilling treaty with Sioux of diiferent tribes," thirty-tive thousand dollars; in all, fifty thousand dollars. · ”%¤i•:¤¤¤¤ m•1W•h— SISSETON AND WAHPETON INDIANS. For sixth of thirteen installments of eighteen thousand four hundred v»1.2c,p.1oa·:. dollars each, to be paid per capita, as per third article of agreement — with the Sisseton and Wahpetcprn Indians, dated September twelfth, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, ratified by act of March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, eighteen thousand four hundred dollars. mymm m immm That for the purpose of paying to the scouts and soldiers of the §,f§}Qf,y‘g'g‘§,§f**°"‘ Sisseton, Wahpeton, Medawakanton, and Wapakoota bands of Sioux Indians who were enrolled and entered into the military service of the smxmtmk. United States, and served in suppressing what is known as the Sioux outbreak of eighteen hundred and sixty-two, or who were enrolled and wslmniimiamon. served in the armies of the United States in the war of the rebellion, and are now living, and to the descendants and members of the families of such of said scouts and soldiers as are now dead, who were v.;_¤,,,, not parties to the agreement entered into between the United States and the Sisseton and Wahpeton bands of Dakota and Sioux Indians on the twelfth day of December, eighteen hundred andeighty-nine, for the reason that they were not residents of the said Sisseton Reservation and did reside elsewhere, their pro rata shares of the amount