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626 rirrrsncono conennss. srss. II. cn. 209. isss. l’¤¥=¤¤¤* *e¤*¤¤f¤· For first of ten installments of one hundred dollars each, to Chiefs= Louis, Paul, Schulhault, Antarcham, and Enoch, as per article nine of said agreements, five hundred dollars; in all, twenty-seven thousand Q;?;';, to wvmc five hundred dollars: Provided, That any moneys heretofore approprimawxt mmuons. ated for the removal of said Spokane Indians to the Cceur d’Alene Reservation shall be extended or expended to such members of the tribewho have removed or shall remove to the Colville of J ocko reservations, Uucrzueamuu mas, c0N1m1mRA1*ED BANDS OF Urns. Carpentermetc. For pay of two carpenters, two millers, two farmers, and two blackv»,p.m. smiths, as per tenth article of treaty of October seventh, eighteen hunva 1s,p.m. dred and sixty-three, and fifteenth article of treaty of March second, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, six thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars; ‘ For pay of two teachers, as per same article of same treaty, one thousand eight hundred dollars; For purchase of iron and steel, and the necessary tools for blackv¤1.1s,p.c21. smith shop, per ninth article of same treaty, two hundred and twenty ollars. ciiamngtet. For twenty-fifth of thirty installments, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, for clothing, blankets, and such v°“5*’·°”· other articles as he may deem proper and necessary, under eleventh article of ame treaty, thirty thousand dollars; rm. For annual amount for the purchase of beef, mutton, wheat, ilour, v»1.1s,p.c2z. beans, and potatoes, or other necessary articles of food, as per twelfth article of same treaty, thirty thousand dollars; 1¤=¤r·1¤>·<>•>•- For pay of employees at the several Ute agencies, five thousand dollars; in all, seventy-three thousand seven hundred and forty dollars. Winnebagoee. WINNEBAGOES 1¤m¤•t For interest on eight hundred and four thousand nine hundred and nine dollars and seventeen cents, at five per centum per annum, per v..;_1_,,m_ fourth article of treaty of November first, eighteen hundred and thirty v01.1z,p.c2s. seven, and joint resolution of July seventeenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and the Secretary of the Interior is hereby directed to expend said interest for the support, education, and civilation of said Indians, forty thousand two hundred and forty-five dollars and forty- ve cen s; . WL 1*1 P- 355 For interest on seventy-eight thousand three hundred and forty dollars and forty-one cents, at five per centum per annum to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, for the erection of houses, improvement of their allotments of land purchase of stock, agricultural implements, seeds, and other beneficial objects, three thousand nine hundred and seventeen dollars and two cents; in all, forty- four thousand one hundred and sixty-two dollars and forty-seven cents. Chippewa. CHIPPEWAS I¤=er¤¤¢· This amount as advance interest to the Chippewa Indians in Minnev¤1.2s.p.c4s. sota, as required by section seven of “ an act for the relief of the Chippewa Indians in the State of Minnes0ta,” to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior in the manner required by said act,re1n1bursab1e, ninety thousand dollars. wgpwuwwns ¤¤r-_ MISCELLANEOUS SUPPORTS. Apaches. xatyst. For subsistence and civilization of the Apaches, Kiowas, Comanches, 3jj““‘°"°°· w‘°“’*°"· Wichitas, and affiliated bands, who have been collected upon the res-» ervations set apart for their use and occupation, one hundred and twenty-tive thousand dollars.