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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 209. 1893. 633 ‘ For completing the necessary surveys within the Chippewa Indian S¤"¤v¤·¤*~· Reservation in Minnesota, including expenses of examining and appraising pine lands, under the provisions of the act approved January v¤1.25,p.o4a. fourteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, to be reimbursed to the United States out of the proceeds of the sale of their lands, twenty- five thousand dollars. To enable the Secretary of the Interior to continue the Cherokee _€¤¤¤>ke¤ Commis- Commission, provided for by act approved March second, eighteen Bul?ol.25,p.1005. hundred and eighty-nine, fifteen thousand dollars; this amount to be immediately available. _ _ To enable the Secretary of the Interior, in hi discretion, to negotiate u};.§§,°_{;Qf,§’”° "i"’ with any Indians for the surrender of portions of their respective reser- ` vations, any agreement thus negotiated being subject to subsequent ratification by Congress, fifteen thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Mission Indians: To enable the Attorney-General to employ a special C}*°°*°“ I'*‘“°¤¤· Attorney for the Mission Indians of Southern California, upon the slum timmy. recommendation of the Secretary of the Interior, one thousand dollars. To pay George W. Malfet for buildings and improvements at the G· W· Mwst. my- Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency, Indian Territory, now used and occu— mm t°` pied by the Government, one thousand dollars. For removal of Lower Brule and consolidating with Crow Creek L¤·>¤g¤¤id¤¢i¤¤ ¤f Agency in South Dakota, and for construction of agency building at cxfjtlgiggftlgw some spllace on the Lower Brule Reservation, and to complete the Indian Indu `al school at Chamberlain, South Dakota, fifty thousand dollars, ;°*g_*Q· or so much thereof as may be necessary. _` That the President of the United States is hereby authorized im- ,_,g°f_j',',;‘*:“"],'a,,f,;’£ mediately after the passage of this act to appoint a commission of mnsusiilttauiwus. three persons, and not more than one of whom shall be a resident of $*,§;.,:‘{§§'Q§P R""' any one State, and it shall be the duty of said commission to select and appraise such portions of the allotted lands as are not required for homes for the Indian alotees; and also that part of the agency tract, exclusive of the burying ground not needed for school purposes, in the Puyallup Reservation, in the State of Washiiigton, And if the Secre- A”’°"‘“· tary of the Interior shall approve the sellections and appraisments Sa, made by said commission, the allotted lands so selected shall be sold °‘ for the benefit of the allottees, and the agency tract for the beneiit of _ all the Indians, after due notice at public auction at not less than the N°““°‘ appraised value for cash, or one-third cash, and the remainder on such “"““ °‘"'°· time as the Secretary of the Interior may determine, to be secured by vendor’s lien on the property sold. f _ It shall be the duty of said commission, or a majority of them, to su- R‘§{$,T}.,fff‘,{§'ff}f{*°.‘]5 perintend the sale of said lands, ascertain who are the true owners of ¤w¤*"— ¢*·= the allotted lands, have guardian duly appointed for the minor heirs of any deceased allottees, make deeds of the lands to the purchasers ”°°"“· thereof, subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, which deeds shall operate as a complete conveyance of the land upon the full Dm_mMpmh“° payment of the purchase money; and the whole amount received for al- mm)-. lotted lands shall be placed in the Treasury to the credit of the Indian entitled thereto and the same shall be paid to him in such sums and at such times as the Commissioner of Indian affairs, with the approval of _ the Secretary of the Interior, shall direct: Provided, That the portion z;°.mZ’.{;t.,·r..-.,ma. of the agency tract selected for sale shall be platted into streets and m§g¤°*"l°*¤*¤**S°¤°Y lots as an addition to the City of Tacoma, and sold in seperate lots, in ' the same manner as the allotted lands, and the amount received therefor, less the amount necessary to pay the expenses of said commission, including salaries shall be placed to the credit of the Puyallup band of Indians as a permanent school fund to be expended for their benefit: $@122 ’Q}“§j;,,,,,,,,.,,, And provided further, That the Indian allottees shall not have power by 1,¤;<¤g¤_;;·¤·:,¢¤¤¤ ¤f of alienation of the allotted lands not selected for sale by Said 'mf Y “° ' Commission for a period of ten years from the date of the p&SB3g•3 of (13H:,';;},. 0; Indjagn this act and no part of the allotted land shall be offered for sale until the ¤>¤¤1•=<>¢‘=·¤··==¤¢¤¤¤<*·