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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 209. 1893. 645 upon the amount so to be paid for saidland from the date of entry to the date of final payment at the rate of four per centum per annum. Sec. 14. Before any of the aforesaid lands are open to settlement it County divisions. shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Interior to divide the same into counties which shall contain as near as possible not less than tive hundred square miles in each county. In establishing said county line the Secretary is hereby authorized to extend the lines of the counties already located so as to make the area of said counties equal, as near as may be, to the area of the counties provided for in this act: Provided, That range one west and ranges one, two, three, and four Protein,. east, in township twenty, shall be attached to, and become a part oi} P“l"“° C°“”‘Y· Payne County. At the iirst election for county officers the people of County names. each county may vote tbr a name for each county, and the name which receives the greatest number of votes shall be the name of such county: Provided further, That as soon as the county lines are designated by the Secretary he shall reserve not to exceed one-half section of lan in °°““°Y·”°°°°· each county, to be located for county-seat purposes, to be entered under sections twenty-three hundred an eighty- seven and twenty-three ¤¤¤¤·2387·2”·88· hundred and eighty-eight of the Revised Statutes, An all reservations p'·ru "bu specified in for county seats shall be specified in any order or proclamation which l"°°l“""“*°“· the President shall make for the opening of the lands to settlement. Sno 15 The consent of the United States is hereby given to the al- Allotments to cmulotment of lands in severalty not exceeding one hundred and sixty §l‘,$§‘fm‘ff°S‘;‘§j;“,§;‘_‘f" acres to any one individual within the limits of the country occupied by the Cherokees, Creeks, Choctaws, Chickasaws, and seminoles; and upon such allotments the individuals to whom the same may be allotted shall be dcemedto be in all respects citizens of the United States. And the Antttntmi»·1¤un» sum of twenty-five thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be °“‘”"“"”· necessary, is hereby appropriated to pay for the survey of any such Survey or mms: · lands as may be allotted by any of said tribes of Indians to individual 1‘"""°· members of said tribes; and upon the allotment of the lands held by said tribes respectively the reversionary intere t of the United States Stmgnts of United therein shall be relinquished and shall cease. “"’“ °° °"“°‘ Sno 16. The President shall nominate and, by and with the advice Negotiations wit it and consent of the Senate, shall appoint three commissioners to enter §}_"}f‘_,§{jgQE},fg‘}_f{;,‘f°° into negotiations with the Cherokee Nation the Choctaw Nation, the Chickasaw Nation, the Museogee ( or Creek) Nation ;the Seminole Nation, for the purpose of the extinguishment of the national or tribal title to any lands within that Territory now held by any and all of such nations Companion to bv or tribes, either by cession of the same or some part thereof to the °m`°"' `"' United States, or by the allotment and division of the same in severalty among the Indians of such nations or tribes, respectively, as may be entitled to the same, or by such other method as may be agreed upon between the several nations and tribes aforesaid, or eacl of them, with the United States, with a view to such and adjustment, upon the basis of justice and equity, as may, with the consent of such nations or tribes of Indians, so tar as may be necessary, be requisite and suitable to enable the ultimate creation of a State or States of the Union which shall embrace the lands within said India Territory. The commissioners so appointed shall each receive a salary, to be paid $¤l¤ri•»·».¤w.. ofcomduring such time as they may be actually employed, under direction of “"“i°“°"‘ the President, in the duties enjoined by this act, at the rate of live thousand dollars per annum, and shall also be paid their reasonable and proper expenses incurred in prosecution of the objects of this act, upon accounts theretbr to be rendered to and allowed by the Secretary of the I ntcrior from time to time. That such commissioners shall have power to employ a secretary, a stenographer, and such interpreter or inter- mS;g_¤*·¤‘>E ,:3***;% preters as may be tbund necessary to the performance of their duties, te}:°° rp and by order to iix their compensation, which shall be paid, upon the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, from time to time, with their reasonable and necessary expenses, upon accounts to be rendered as