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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 210. 1893. 665 To pay Edward McPherson, Clerk of House of Representatives E<lW=¤¤lM¢¥’h¤¤¤¤·- of the Fiftynrst Congress, for services in compiling and arranging for r¤r1sxi¤g,sm.,ees¤. the printer and indexing testimony used in contested election cases as fjgggtmgn °°¤*°¤**·* authorized by an act entitled “Au act relating to contested election s, " v¤1.24fp.44s. approved March second, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, the sum of one thousand dollars, and an additional sum of one thousand five hundred dollars to such employees as were actually engaged in the work, designated by the said Edward McPherson, and in such proportion as he may deem just, for assistance rendered in the work; in all, two thousand five hundred dollars. To pay Eli Banks and Charles Carter for services in caring for the Eli Banks and subcommittee rooms of the Committee on Ways and Means and Ap- Cl§Z{}§,’$cg§"°" propriations, sixty dollars each, one hundred and twenty dollars. To pay Joel Grayson for services rendered in the Document Room {e·>¤¤§r¤y¤<>¤- since May third, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, and to continue " rm"` him in said service until and including December fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, at seventy-five dollars per month, one thousand four hundred and twenty-tive dollars. To pay John T. Waterman for services as clerk to the Committee on Joint 1*. wmmmi. Rules dining the Fifty-second Congress, four hundred dollars. S°“"°°“· To pay John M. Carson, clerk of the Committee on Ways and Means ·I·>bnM.C=n-son. during the fifty-first Congress, for preparing comparison of the tariii b""""` laws, five hundred dollars. To pay T. F. Dennis, as extra compensation for services rendered as T-Frvennie. assistant clerk to the Committee on Invalid Pensions during the Fifty- s°""°°“‘ second Congress, five hundred dollars. To pay D. S. Porter, as extra compensation for services rendered as ESS-}’<>rierassistant clerk to the Committee on Pensions during the Fifty-second "’°°“‘ Congress, two hundred dollars. To pay Frank F. Doyle for stenographic services before committees *S`;=¤}< F·D¤v1e· while the official stenographers were actually engaged before other m""` committees of the House, forty-six dollars and sixty-two cents. To pay the following amounts, which have been audited and recommended by the Committee on Accounts, namely: To pay George Jenison and E. L. Currier, special messengers under Lirgerze Jenievnv E- resolution of the House, their salaries at the rate of one hundred dol- w,KH§`§$f”d Bm lars per month, and Bert W Kennedy, special messenger under resolu· Pei tion of the House, his salary at the rate of nine hundred dollars per annum from March fourth to December fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, inclusive, two thousand four hundred and ninety dollars and twelve cents. To pay \V. J. Houghtaling for services as reading clerk from J anu- g}`;{é£<>¤z¤¤*=¤li¤z· ary ninth to January twentysecond, eighteen hundred and ninety-two,' inclusive, one hundred and forty dollars. To pay George L. Browning and Alphonso Gibbs for extra services mQj°gH¤·;`gl;_}}j;;gg*,j;*S Bendered in the folding rom, three hundred dollars each, six hundred rziémiwvim. ` ollars. . To reimburse Spencer Greene for expenses incurred from January Spenser Greenetlrst, eighteen hundred and ninety-two to January first, eighteen R°"‘"’“’°°‘"°“°‘ hundred and ninety-three for assistant as laborer in caring for building rented for use of the folding room, House of Representatives, one hundred and eighty dollars. To pay Jesse F. Murphy, the difference between the pay of a laborer, Jesse F· Murphy- at seven hundred and twenty dollars per annum, and that of a messen- P"' ger. at the rate of three dollars and sixty cents per day, from J auuary third, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, to December thirty-first, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, both days inclusive, five hundred and ninety-four dollars and thirty-six cents. To enable the Clerk of the House of Representatives to pay Peter gg5f' J·M°D"“"°°' J. McDonald the diiierence between his salary as folder, at nine hundred dollars per annum, and that of acting assistant ioreman of the tolding room, at twelve hundred dollars per annum, from January