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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 89, 90. 1892. 43 purpose, and indorse upon each certificate the fact and date of such registration. Sec. 7. That certificates issued and indorsed under the provisions of EiT¤ctof¢·ertiflcates. this act shall be evidence of the right of the person to whom granted to practice under this act. Sec. 8. That any one who shall practice or attempt to practice den- , 1;¤¤e1p· for m·5··~ti¤— tistry in the said District without having complied with the provisions "`° w" °“* "’g‘“""‘ of this act shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not less than fifty nor more than two hundred dollars, and in default of payment of such fine shall be imprisoned not less than thirty nor more than ninety days, said fines, when collected, to be paid into the Treasury of the United States, to the credit of the District of Columbia: Provided, That nothing in this act shall be Iwviao. construed to interfere with physicians in the discharge of their profes- rnyssmus. sional duties, nor with students pursuing a regular uninterrupted dental college course or in bona fide pupilage with a registered dentist. Sec. 9. That to provide a fund to carry out and enforce the provisions FM- of this act the board of dental examiners may charge such fees, not exceeding one dollar for each certificate and ten dollars for each examination, as will from time to time, in the opinion of said board, approved by said Commissioners, be necessary. From such iirnd all expenses shall be paid by the board: Provided, That such expense shall in no §;‘;’;"sbs not to gx_ case exceed the balance of receipts. me maps. Approved, June 6, 1892. CHAP. 90.-An act to establish a railway bridge across the Illinois River, be- June 6, 1892. tween a point at or near the city of Havana, in Mason County, and a point on the _+ opposite side of said river, in Fulton County, in the State of Illinois. ' h Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Chicago, Peoria and cnamg(.._rmn and Saint Louis Railway Company, a corporation organized under the laws E’,!f,‘,§‘,;a{_‘QP},j_`{";j}{’,‘j*,;>_; of the State of Illinois, its successors and assigns, are hereby author- Illinois `Rivcr at Haized and empowered to erect, establish, and maintain a railway bridge "°“‘ m' across the Illinois River, between a point to be by them selected at or near the city of Havana, in Mason County, and a point to be selected by them on the opposite side of said river, in Fulton County, in the State of Illinois; and that said bridge shall not interfere with the free Fm nammxou. navigation of said river, and in case of any litigation arising from any Lmgnstu. obstruction or alleged obstruction to the free navigation of said river, the same shall be instituted and determined in the district court of the United States for the southern district of the State of Illinois. Sec. 2. That any bridge built under the provisions of this act may, "··¤~**···"**<·¤· at the option of the company building the same, be built as a drawbridge, with a pivot or other form of draw, or with unbroken or continuous spans: Provided, That if the said bridge shall be built with P~»vi»<>¤- unbroken or continuous spans it shall have one or more channel spans, Sims each having not less than three hundred and fifty feet clear channel way, measured normal to the current of said river, and not less than fifty-five feet clear headroom above high—water mark, and the clear headroom under the other channel spws may be less than fifty-five feet: Pro/vided, That no part of the superstructure of such spans shall Heightgive a less headroom than ten feet above high-water mark: And provided further, That the interests of navigation be not injured by such reduction in height; and the piers of said bridge shall be parallel with Pi·*¤· the current of said river, and the main span shall be over the main channel of the river, and not less than three hundred and tidy feet in length: And provided also, Thatif any bridge built under this act shall be constructed as a drawbridge, the same shall be constructed as a nm'. pivot drawbridge, with a draw over the main channel of the river at an accessible and navigable point and with spans of not less than one