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974 rnEArY.xrNenoM or SWEDEN. JANUARY 14, isss. judge or other magistrate authorized to is ue warrants of arrest in extradition cases, and present a complaint on oath, as provided by the statutes of the United States. In the Kingdom of Sweden the proper course shall be to apply to the Foreign Office, which will immediately cause the necessary steps to be taken in order to secure the provisional arrest and detention of the fugitive. ,nI;Q<;l;*;gg,‘°“$:,$ The provisional detention of a fugitive shall cease and the prisoner be sitiou in awt mitts. released, if a formal requisition for his surrender, accompanied by the necessary evidence of his criminality, has not been produced, under the stipulations of this Treaty, within two months from the date of his provisional arrest or detention. ARTICLE V. bggghaf d<;§g;'·{t>; Neither of the contracting parties shall be bound to deliver up its own ummm. own citizens or subjects under the stipulations of this Treaty. ARTICLE VI. ugh:,":",, ¤*‘°' *°* A fugitive criminal shall not be surrendered if the offense in respect _of which his siurender is demanded be of a political character, or if he proves that the requisition for his surrender has, in fact, been made with a view to try or punish him for an offense of a political character. No person surrendered by either of the high contracting parties to the other shall be triable or tried or be punished for any political crime or olfense, or for any act connected therewith, committed previously to his extradition. MMM- If any question shall arise as to whether a case comes within the provisions of this article, the decision of the authorities of the government _ on which the demand for surrender is made, or which may have granted the extradition shall be iinal. Anrrcnn VII. J miltgzurgartggéd Extradition shall not be granted, in pursuance of the provisions of ythis Treaty, if legal proceedings or the enforcement of the penalty for the act committed by the person claimed has become barred by limitation, according to the laws of the country to which the requisition is addressed. Anrierm VIII. 0,;;*3: }gr":,g{2g' of No person surrendered by either of the high contracting parties to tradited. the other shall, without his consent, freely granted and publicly declared by him, be triable or tried or be punished for any crime or oiiense committed prior to his extradition, other than that for which he was delivered np, until he shall have had an opportunity of returning to the country trom which he was surrendered. ARTICLE IX. c,g*§¤;,g{ gfjj All articles seized which’are in the possession of the person to be mi. surrendered at the tune ot his apprehension, whether being the proceeds of the crime or offense charged, or being material as evidence in making proof of the crime or offense, shall, so far as practicable and in conformity with the laws of the respective countries, be given up when the extradition takes place. Nevertheless, the rights of third parties with regard to such articles shall be duly respected.