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Prosecutions may be sustained within five years.tion, or action, may be sustained, for any offence under this act, at any time within five years after such offence shall have been committed, any law to the contrary notwithstanding.

The first six sections of the act of 2d March, 1807, repealed.
Act of March 2, 1807, ch. 22.
Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That the first six section of the act to which this is in addition, shall be and the same are hereby repealed: Provided, That all offences committed under the said sections of the act aforesaid, before the passing of this act, shall be prosecuted and punished, and any forfeitures which have been incurred under the same shall be recovered and distributed, as if this act had not been passed.

Approved, April 20, 1818.

Statute I.

April 20, 1818.
Chap. XCII.—An Act to establish and alter certain post roads.

Post-roads discontinued.Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the post roads hereafter named be discontinued:

New Hampshire.In New Hampshire.—From Concord, by Loudon, Gilmanton, Middleton, Lewis, Eaton, Conway, and Fryeburg.

Massachusetts.In Massachusetts.—From Kingston to Halifax.

From Northampton, by Hadley, to Montague.

Connecticut.From Connecticut.—From Hartford, by Springfield, to Northampton, Mass.

Virginia.In Virginia.—From Clarksburg, by Lewis Courthouse, to Point Pleasant.

From Clarksburg, by Buchanan, to Beverly.

Kentucky.In Kentucky.—From Glasgow to Lebanon, Tennessee.

Georgia.In Georgia.—From Madison to Monticello.

From Montgomery Courthouse, by Blackmore’s and Hardin’s, to Ricebourg.

Pennsylvania.In Pennsylvania.—From Montrose, by Orwell and Warren, to Athens.

From Middleton to York Haven.

Alabama.In Alabama.—From Fort Stoddert to Ford’s, on Pearl river.

Missouri.In Missouri.—From St. Louis to St. Charles.

New York.In New York.—From Esperanza, by Schoharie Courthouse, to Middleburg.

From Albany, by Spencertown, to Sheffield, Massachusetts.

Post-roads established.Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the following be established post roads:

Maine.In Maine.—From Augusta, by Belgrade and Dearborn, to Mercer.

From Canaan, by Cornville, Athens, Harmony, Ripley, Dexter, Garland and Corinth, to Bangor.

From North Yarmouth, by Pownal, Durham, Lisbon, and Litchfield, to Gardiner.

From Alfred, by Sanford and Lebanon, to Shapleigh.

From Warren, by Thomaston, to Camden.

From Belfast, by Brooks and Jackson, to Dixmont.

From Norridgewalk, by Stark’s and Mercer, to New Sharon.

From Bath to Phippsburg.

From Anson, in Somerset county, by New Portland, Freeman, Phillips, Avon, and Strong, to Farmington.

New Hampshire.In New Hampshire.—From Walpole, by Alstead, to Ackworth.

From Washington, by Newport, to Claremont.

From Concord, by Canterbury, Northfield, Meredith, Moultonborough, Sandwich, Tamworth, on the North road, by Gilman’s Mills, Eaton, and Conway, to Fryeburgh.

From Amherst, by Goffstown, West Meeting House, Dumbarton, Hop-