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mm 1848 PABCELS-POST CONVENTION—NEW ZEALAND. rom 2. Fomr 2. A. Parcel poet between the Umled States and New Zealand. Date. Plmetowhlch nom: or cvsroxs nacunanou. the [parcel is Stamp. nd ressed. mm u 1 · ¥ parcel? [gage Total whether box, Contents. Value. Per cent. customs basket, beg, chase!. etc.] 5 I i · i · 5 ·rom1.. r I Dateotpoeting: , 19..; signature nndeddressoisender: :;;:1;;;:;;**;;:;; ··········· it- For use of Post·0tllce onllly, and to be dlled up at the olflce of exc :`'`` " " Parcel Bill No. . ... 0. oi rates prepaid Entry No. B. Parcel post from L ... The import duty assed b an o¤cero1 customs on contents o! this parcel amounts ' to 3 .. , which must be pall before the parcel is delivered. Dum, Stamp. `````°``````````````````````'```` ohm. C. Parcel post from Thisparcel has been paned by an omcer ol customs, and must be delivered Inu or Guam:. Dem, Stamp.