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TREATY—BOL1VIA. Amt 21, 1900. 1857 Treaty between the United States and Boliuia for the extradition of AP’“2r1°°°· fugiti/ues from justice. Si ned at La Paz April 21, 1.900; ratifcation with amendments ln; the Senate December 18, 1.900; ratifed by the President August 2, 1.901; rapzied bu Bolivia December 19, 1.901,* ratification.; exchanged at La az December .1*23, 1901 ,• proclaimed December 30,*1901. Br THE PRESIDENT or run UNITED STATES or AMERICA, A PROCLAMATION. Whereas a treaty between the United States of America and the Y’°”'*b‘°· Republic of Bolivia providing for the extradition of criminals was concluded and signed by their respective Plenipotentiaries at La Paz on the 21st day of April, one thousand nine hundred, the original of which Treaty, being in the En lish and Spanish languages, is, as amended by the Senate of the United States, word for word as follows: TREATY or EXTRADITION. TRATADO DE EXTRADICION. 0¤¤¤¤<=¤¤s1¤>w¤¤ The United States of America, La Republics. de Bolivia la and the Republic of Bolivia, being Republics de los E. E. U. de desirous to confirm their friendly América, deseosas de estrechar sus relations and to promote the cause relaciones de amistad y de servir of justice, have resolved to con- la causa de la justicia, han conclude a treaty for the extradition venido en celebrar un Tratado — of fugitives from justice between para la extradicion de los crimithe L nited States of America and nales que hayan huido de la justithe Republic of Bolivia, and have cia, tanto de Bolivia como de los appointed forthat purpose the fol- E. E. U. U. de América, y han lowing representatives plenipoten- des¥·nado con tal tin ii. los siguientiary. tes lenipotenciarios: T e President of the United El Presidente de la Republics. de Y*°“'P°‘°°'*"*°*· States to Dr. Geor e H. Bridg- Bolivia, al Senor Doctor Eliodoro man his Envoy Extraordinary Villazén, Ministro de Relaciones and Minister Plenipotentiary to Exteriores. El Presidente de los Bolivia, and the President of Bo- E. E. U. U. de América, al Senor livia to Dr. Eliodoro Villazon, his Doctor George H. Brid an, Minister of Foreign Relations, Enviado Extraordinario y Hibiswho, after having communicated tro Plenipotenciario en Bolivia, to each other their respective full quienes, espnés de haber prepowers, found in good and due sentado sus respectivos plenos form, have a reed upon and con- poderes y encontrandolos en uena eluded the following articles: ydebida forma, han convenido en os siguientes articulos: AR'1`ICLE 1. Amicuro 1. The Government of the United El Gobierno de Bolivia y el d¤¤¢¤v¤¤=¤1 wir States and the Government of B0- Gobierno de los Estados Umdos, mm ° livia, mutually agree to deliver up convienen en entregarse reciprov0L xxxu, rr :2——-l0