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1964 ooNvENT1oN—oREAr BRITAIN. JANUARY 24, 1903. tanniques ne formeront aucun Etablissement soit sur la Cote, soit_sur la lisiere de terre ferme comprise dans les limites des Possessions Russes, telles qu’elles sont désignées dans les deux Articlesprécédens; et, de meme, nul Etablissement ne sera formé par des Su]ets Russes au dela des dites limites." The tribunal shall also take into consideration any action of the several governments or of their respective representatives preliminary or subsequent to the conclusion of said treaties so far as the same tends to show the original and effective understanding of the parties in respect to the limits of their several territorial jurisdictions un erand by virtue of the provisions of said treaties. ‘ Airriomz IV. c,§e‘§’“°“” ‘° '°° "*" Referring to Articles III, IV, and V of the said treaty of 1825 the ` said tribunal shall answer and decide the following questions:- 1. What is intended as the point of commencement of the line? 2. What channel is the Portland Channel? 3. What course should the line take from the point of commencement to the entrance to Portland Channel? 4. To what point on the 56th parallel is the line to be drawn from the head of the Portland Channel, and what course should it follow between these points? 5. In extending the line of demarcation northward from said point on the parallel of the 56th degree of North latitude, following the crest of the mountains situated parallel to the coast until its intersection with the 141st degree of longitude west of Greenwich, subject to the condition that if such line should anywhere exceed the distance of ten marine leagues from the ocean then the boundary betweemthe British and the Russian territory should be formed by a line rallel to the sinuosities of the coast and distant therefrom not more thdn ten marine leagues, was it the intention and meaning of said convention of 1825 . that there should remain in the exclusive possession of Russia a continuous fringe or strip of coast on the mainland, not exceeding ten marine leagues in width, separating the British Possessions from the bays, ports, inlets, havens, and waters of the ocean, and extending from the said point on the 56th degree of latitude north to a point where such line of demarcation should intersect the 141st degree of longitude west of the Meridian of Greenwich? 6. If the fore oing question should be answered in the negative, and in the event of 518 summit of such mountains roving to be in places more than ten marine leagues from the coast, should the width of the lisiere which was to belong to Russia be measured (1) from the mainland coast of the ocean, strictly so—called, along a line perpendicular thereto, or (2) was it the intention and meaning of the said convention that where the mainland coast is indented by deep inlets forming part of the territorial waters of Russia, the width of the lisiere was to be measured (a) from the line of the general direction of the mainland coast, or (b) from the line separating the waters of the ocean from the tegritorial waters of Russia, or (c) from the heads of the aforesaid inlets 7. What, if any exist, are the mountains referred to as situated parallel to the coast, which mountains. when within ten marine leagues from the coast, are declared to form the eastern boundary? ARTICLE V. M°°*“’€°‘""’“¤¤*· The tribunal shall assemble for their first meeting at London as soon as practicable after receivin their commissions; and shall themselves tix the times and places of ah subsequent meetings.