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2986 1>ARo1¤;Ls-i>osir ooNvsNT1oN-BERMUDA. of destination; and the country of origin may collect from the sender for the return of the parcel, a sum e ual to the postage when first A¤¢¢·1>·298& mailed: Provided, however, that parcdls prohibited by Article II, and those which do not conform to the conditions as to size, weight, and value prescribed by said Article, shall not be returned to the country of origin, but may be dis osed of, without recourse, in accordance with the customs laws ami) regulations of the country of destination. Perislmble articles- 2. When the contents of a parcel which cannot be delivered are liable to deterioration or corruption, they may be destroyed at once if necessary, or, if expedient, sold, without previous notice or judicial formality, for the benefit of the right person, the particulars of each sale being noticed by one post—ofiice to the other. R¢f·>¤’W¤¤ii¤S· 3. An order for re-direction or re—forwarding must be accompanied by the amount due for postage necessary for the return of the article to the office of origin, at the ordinary parcel rates. Airrrcnn XII. - im1f;>¤r¤¤jr;¤¤¤i¤i1itv The Post OiHce Department of either of the contracting countries °°°’ °will not be responsib e for the loss or damage of any parcel, and no indemnity can consequently be claimed by the sender or addressee in either country. Airrrcnn XIII. · Y°*’***°"°€"l“***°“°~ The Postmaster-General of the United States of America and the Postmaster of Bermuda shall have authority to jointly make such further regulations of order and detail as maybe found necessary to carry out the present Agreement from time to time; and may, by agreement, prescribe con itions for the admission to the mails of any

    • ’*"· P· 2**83- of the articles prohibited by Article II of this Convention.

ARTICLE XIV. D`"“°'°"‘°°°‘ This Agreement shall take effect and operations thereunder shall begin on the first day of February, 1907, and shall continue in force ‘ until terminated by mutual agreement, but may be annulled at the desire of either Department, upon six months" previous notice given to the other. In witness whereof the respective duly authorized Representatives have signed this Agreement, and have hereunto aiiixed their seals. B*8¤¤*“*°¤· Done in duplicate at the city of Washington, United States of America, this 13th day of December, 1906, and at Bermuda this 15th day of January, 1907. [san,.] Gao. B. Corrmtrou, Postmaster- General of the United States of America. ‘ [SEAL-] ALLAN F. Smrru, _ Postmaster of Bermuda. The foregoin Parcels-Post Convention between the United States of America ang the British Colony of Bermuda has been negotiated and concluded with my advice and consent, and is hereby approved and ratified. In testimony whereof, I have caused the Seal of the United States to be hereunto athxed. [smart] THEODORE Roosiszvmxr. By the President: Emrw Roor, Sec*retm·y of State. Wssmsorou, December 18th, 1.906.