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3 1 16 PRooLAMAT1oNs, 1905. west corner of said section; thence northerly to the south—east corner of Section four (4) , said township; thence westerly to the south-west corner of said section; thence northerly to the south—east corner of Section seventeen (17), Township twenty-nine North, Range ten (10) East; thence westerly to the south-west corner of Section eighteen (18), said township; thence northerly to the north-west corner of Section thirty-one (31), Township thirty(30) North, Range ten (10) East, the place of beginning; such of the above-named ‘ corners as have not been established by the official surveys being intended to be located at the points where such corners would fall in projecting the surveys in the directions indicated without allowing for any irregularities which may occur in actually extending the surve s; I"“‘d° °‘°°p“’°‘ S Exgepting from the force and effect of this proclamation all lands which may have been, prior to the date hereof, embraced in any legal entry or covered by an lawful Hling duly of record in the proper United States Land Oihce, or upon which any valid settlement has been made pursuant to law, and the statutory period within which to make entry or filing of record has not expired: Provided, that this exception shall not continue to apply to any particular tract of land unless the entryman, settler or claimant continues to comply with the law under which the entry, filing or settlement was made. mma? f' ° '° Warning is hereby expressly given to all persons not to make settle- ` ment upon the lands reserved by this proclamation. N““°· The reservation hereby established shall be known as The Diamond Mountain Forest Reserve. . IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States, to be aiiixed. Done at the City of Washington this 14th day of July, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and five, and of [sun.] the Independence of the United States the one hundred and thirtieth. `Tunonoizn Roosnvmzr By the President: Anvnr A. Aman Acting Secv·etm~y of State. Juyy, 14_ 1905_ By THE PRESIDENT OF THE `[JNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A PROCLAMATION. um c an Forest WHEREAS, the Uintah Forest Reserve, in the State of Utah, was H‘i§",'?e’§,$;bI{,§“h‘ established by proclamation dated February twenty-second, eighteen §g}·%·g·§§§,3 hundred and ninety-seven, under and by virtue of section twenty- mér, 'pii. siée, four of the Act of Congress, approved March third, eighteen hundred 3207* 324°‘ and ninety-one, entitled, "An act to repeal timber·culture laws, and for other purposes ”, which provides, “That the President of the United States may, from time to time, set apart and reserve, in any State or Territory having public land bearing forests, in any part of the public lands wholly or in part covered with timber or undergrowth, whether of commercial value or not, as public reservations, and the President shall, by public proclamation, declare the establishment of such reservationg shud) the limits thereof ”; And whereas, it is provide y the Act of Congress a roved v°l`33’ plow Liarch third, nineteen hundred and live, entitled, "Kn 1-ct piiiaking appropriations for the current and contingent expenses of the Indian Department and for fulfilling treaty stipulations with various Indian