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3120 · •PROCLAMATIONS, 1905. as defined and described in sections twenty-three hundred and four and twenty- three hundred and live of the Revised Statutes, as amended by the Act of March » ilrst, nineteen hundred and one. shall not be abridged. ,,,,U,{‘§l§‘Lt$.°;i,I%¥g§ Now, therefore, I, Theodore Roosevelt,_President of the _United_ gggnegu *<§8’°f9%· States of Ainerica, by virtue of the power in me vested by said Acts " g'of Congress, do hereby declare and make known that all the unallotted lands in said reservation, excepting such as have at that time been reserved for military, forestry and other purposes, and such mineral lands as may have been disposed of under existing laws, will on and after the 28th day of August, 1905, in the manner hereinafter prescribed, and not otherwise, be opened to entry, settlement and disposition under the general provisions of the homestead and townsite laws Plum of mgm of the United States; and it is further directed and prescribed that: muon,Commencing at 9 o’clock a. m. Tuesday, August 1, 1905, and ending at 6 o’clock p. m. Saturday, August 12, 1905, a registration will be had at Vernal, Price and Provo, State of Utah, and at Grand J unction, State of Colorado, for the purpose of ascertaining what persons desire to enter, settle upon, and acquire title to any of said lands ‘ under the homestead law, and of ascertaining their qualifications so '°°°u°‘u°”' to do. To obtain registration each applicant will be required to show himself duly qualified, by written application to be made only on a blank form provided by the Commissioner of the General Land Oilice, to make homestead entry of these lands under existing laws, and to give the registering officer such appropriate matters of description and identity as will protect the applicant and the Government against any attempted impersonation. Registration cannot be effected through the use of the mails or the employment of an agent, K S me 230,, excepting that honorably discharged soldiers and sailors entitled to p.422.'the benefits of section 2304 of the Revised Statutes of the United W13, p_ 84., States, as amended by the act of Congresshapproved March}, 1301 ` { 31 Stat., 847), may present their applications for registration and due proofs of their qualifications through an agent of their own selection, having a duly executed power of attorney on a blank form provided by the Commissioner o the General Land Office, but no person will be permitted to act as agent for more than one such soldier or sailor. No person will be permitted to register more than Cm,mc"e of mg once or in any other than his true name. _ istrnticn- Each applicant who shows himself duly qualified will be registered and given a nontransferable certificate to that effect, which will entitle him to go upon and examine the lands to be opened hereunder; but the only purpose for which he can go upon and examine said Restrictions lands is that of enabling him later on. as herein provided, to under- ` staudingly select the lands for which he may make entry. No one will be permitted to make settlement upon any of `said lands in advance of the opening herein provided for. and during the first sixty days following said opening no one but registered applicants will be permitted to make homestead settlement upon any of said lands and then only in pursuance of a homestead entry duly allowed by the local land officers. or of a soldiers declaratory statement duly Drawings accepted by such officers. _ _ ' The order in which. during the first sixty days following the opening, the registered applicants will be permitted to make homestead entijv of the lands opened hereunder. will be determined by a drawing for the district publicly held at Provo. Utah, commencing at 9 o`clock a. m., Thursday. August 17. 1905. and continuing for such period as may be necessary to complete the same. The drawing will be had under the supervision and immediate observance of a committee of three persons whose integrity is such as to make their control of the drawing a guaranty of its fairness. The members of this committee will be appointed by the Secretary of the Interior, who will