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2876 1>ARcELs-ros·r coNvENr1oN—AUsTRAL1A. ARTICLE 17. F‘“’“‘°' ’°%"‘1°“°"’- The Postmaster General of the United States of America and the Postmaster General of the Commonwealth of Australia shall from time to time jointly make such further regulations of order and detail as may be found necessary to carry out the present Convention; and _ may, by agreement, prescribe conditions for the admission to the Am' p` 2m' mails of any of the articles prohibited by Article 9 of this Convention. . Anrrcnn 18. D““°°“· °*°· This Convention shall take effect and operations thereunder shall begin on the first day of August 1905, and shall continue in force until terminated by mutual agreement, but may be annulled at the _ desire of either country upon six months previous notice being given by one country to the other country. A Done at Melbourne this 10th day of May 1905. Siz¤¤¤¤¤¤ A SYDNEY Smrn, ` Postmaster- General Com monwealth of Australia. And at Washington this 19th day of June 1905. I Gnoncm B. CORTELYOU, ’ Postmaster- General of the United States of America. The foregoing Parcels-Post Convention between the United States if , 4 r of America and the Commonwealth of Australia has been negotiated T r and concluded with my advice and consent, and is hereby approved 1 and ratitied. , V T In testimony whereof I have caused the seal of the United States to _ be hereunto aiiixed. _ _ » Tmiononn Roosnvnmv. Q [snail.] ~ Z -_ pg By the President, p Fmscrs B. Looms, Acting Secretary of State. Wasmxeron, June 1.9, 1.905. Foy L Foam No. 1. I Parcels·Post. i A parcel addressed as under haslgen posted here this day: _

 U   -----—-------···--——--—--··—-——--·—--------—·-—»---»—--~-——---—--—-·—-----—--·-—-—·

E Omce i § Smmp_ V. .. . ... ~· ···-·- · ·-----·-·---·· - --··--·------···-·--·--··--··--·-- ·· E ,__.._____,______.. Q

 sender of the posting of a parcel, and does not indicate

that any liability in respect of such parcel attaches to the Postmaster-General.