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raocrxmxrioxs, woe. 3215 forty acres in the aggregate, or the smallest legal subdivision approximating that area; and that the even numbered sections of said lands, s0,§§§;,°(f;‘* of “”` now unsurveyed, after the date on which the township plat of survey ` thereof is officially filed in the local land office in the usual manner, as well as any of the lands offered at this sale remaining unsold may be advertised and sealed bids invited therefor upon the same terms at the same place and at such time as may be specified in a public notice duly given by direction of the Secretary of the Interior. Inasmuch as the government is unable to determine definitely those tracts in the surveyed even numbered sections principally valuable for deposits · of gilsonite, asphaltum, elaterite cr other like substances bids may be offered for any forty-acre tract or lot approximating that area subject to the regulations as to proof of character of the land, to be hereafter issued. The bids for the lands offered will be opened at the Vernal, Utah, Opening bidsland office on Saturday, September 15, 1906, commencing at one o”clock P. M., mountain standard time, and will continue from day to day until all bids have been examined. · -- All bids to receive consideration must be filed in the district land F111¤g bids- , office at Vernal, Utah, before 4: 30 o’clock P. M. of the day preceding that set for the openin of the bids. 1 The right is reservecf to reject any and all bids. Rsjs¤*i<>¤» etc- As an individual, or as a member of an association, the purchaser Age limit or pm-. must be twenty—0ne years ofage and a citizen of the United States or cus"' have declared his intention to become such citizen. Bids for said lands shall be in accordance with such form, and at RsS¤1¤*1<>¤s~ such minimum price as shall be prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior who shall also prescribe all additional rules and regulations necessary to carry into full effect the sale herein provided for. IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and . caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. I 1 Done at the City of \Vashington this 6th day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and [SEAL.] six, and of the Independence of the United States the _ one hundred and thirtieth. Tm-zononm Roosnvmzr By the President: ELIHIT Roor Secretary of State. d A PROCLAMATION BY THE PRESIDENT. J·¤¤¤}§-_1¤*<*f$-_ \Vhereas, on May 2, 1904, proclamation was issued (33 Stat., 2343) t,,§€*‘{’g,,{,·§f"* ms withdrawing certain tracts of land in the Hailey Land District, {jreugmple. 2 Idaho. as therein described, for disposition under the provisions of ggcgj 2%%; Sections 2380 and 2381 of the Revised Statutes of the Ynited States; 2381» 1’· *3** And whereas, it is deemed advisable that certain lands be eliminated AMW: D- 116- from the provisions of said proclamation. to be utilized for town site purposes under the act approved April 16. 1906—TPubl1c 103; Now, therefore. I. Theodore Roosevelt. President of the United uuggydsreclgiiiggg States, do herebv declare and make known that there shall be excluded ac: exemaed. from the lands- described in the said proclamation of May 2, 1904, V°l‘ 33* "‘ 2343* certain lands hereinafter described. but the said lands shall for a period of ten days from the date hereof remain reserved from settlement, entry or occupation under any of the public land laws, except