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X11 LIST OF PUBLIC ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. has Dutru:¢` o Columbh , Union Station grade claims. An Act For the relief ofChn. Do sty, Ernest Kribel, and Josephine Taylor, owners of lot numbered thirteen, and of ugeder, om of the south seventeen and_ten one-hundredths feet front by the full d uldtherenf ob numbered fourteen, all of said in square numbered seven h twenty ur, inWashingt4m, DietrictofCoum , mthregnrdtqamqsmentundgaymgntfgrdemagu on account of change of grade due to the construction of Umon Station, m nad Dmtuct. 685 August 8, 1914... . · -·---·---- ·-·_ ···- - ·····•····-· • ··-······ : ·•···‘*‘‘‘ "‘!" Public b¤ldmg` , Rkhmond 'Va. An Act To acquire, by purchase, congleuinntnpn, or otherwise, additional land for tinefaost office, courthouse, and cnmtomhouse m the c1ty of Richmond, V-uginj’·• Au8uB‘·8o194• -•·----··-·•-· - ·-··- ···; ·---···-· ;·-· ·-—·•-··-··•~ ···-·•---·-· 686 Recknmtionpvvyhda, pymmtojchargu. .AnActExt¤ndmgtheper1od of payment underreclammtion projects, an for other pvxiggsw. August 13, 1914 . _ . _ . _ 686 Fedaulrasznzmdd, racrdn. AnAct pcsingmamendmmt tosectmn nmeteemof t11eF•dere1 ,,,,.,,'°’°".z..z.,..,..,° "‘°‘ ’°’i£"l‘ "¥°°°"..i,,..°”i$‘i. ‘°’ °'="°’ ’“"’°°°°m¤..,g ‘%“““““ ‘“·i§°$3.;;;t;;B‘.;e ‘”" 8 . ct o e or 0_ _ _ _ _ of exioo and the Stnits of Florida of §t¤te the l:md.1z;§·1;dehve¤·r;Ig*;i curing, selling, or posesion of thezame; pmvnding means of enforcement of mms; wz for 0 er 1>¤5p¤¤¤¤- August 15, 191 ·--.·...-..·-·-···-··-·.·.·--.--. Bnlige, Sulphur Rwer. An Act Autho ' the Board of Trade of Tunrhana, Arkansas-Tempe, to construct a across Sulphur Ever at or neu Psce’e fury, bdween the counuu of ‘ Bowie and Cas, m the State of Texas, August 15 _I914 ·-·--·····---·-~·-·----··----··· · 693 Couonjutwa Ad. An Act To tax the privileggrof desh.r§i0u excbmgm, boardnof trade, and mmilmlalacesinconhuctsofealeofootton futured verygndforctlnerpurgnnses. August 693 18, 191 ... . - ..-· · ·······-····-·----- · ·---~----··-·· ;·· Amernhm regnw to cmgn·bm1t’ ’ shi . An Act To provide for the admisionof ioreigmbuilt elups toAm¤·icmr`%¤u·y§ortheE§:eigntrnde,and forot:\1e;purpo¤es. August18,1914 098 Pubhb buildigy, Shelbyville, Term. An Act To increase the hmit of cost of public budding at Shelby- m ville, amaee. Augustm,1914 . .. . ·...-·--.··. a---:.- Gla¤ie:Nat:bnalPuk, Mont. A.nActToacoepttlnece¤sinu py the §tsteof Hontamof exclusive jurisdiction ovezthelands embraced within theGlac1etN$tional Park, and forot.herpur•- wa August 22, 1914 -, ... . ... i

 courts, Penmyloamh dislrid:.   Act To amend spd reemct section one hundred

and thirteen of clmptu five of thelpdnmsl Code of the United States. August 22, 1914: . . . 702 Bnlige, 15»·mn¢eRiva·. AnActTo¤¤t1m¤zeBryenHe¤gry•ndAIberttg;1i3toc0nstrn1ctabndg¤

$§l0'I]gh,W]1iCb.i!8@t0£m0TGm§9BlVGT,D$!GUD e,Alabem•. August 702

, 14.. . Court Ciutoms A Lv, 1unsdu:¢·urn' ` . An Act To amend section one hundred and nine -Iive of ge Act entitled "An Act to codify, revise, and amend the laws relating to the jugcinryf a proved March third, nineteen hundred and eleven. August 22, 1914 703 Public grids, Caddo County, Okla. An Act Authorizing the $ecreta.ry of the Interior to sell certain unused remnant lands to the boM of county commansioners of Caddo County, Oklahoma, for mum} and park A¤.¥us·t 22, 1914 ... 704 Quimielt I Raaawazwn, . An Act 0 authorize the withdrawal of lands on the Quimielt Reservation, in the State of Washington for lighthouse purposes. August 22, 1914 704 Leave: of absence, hmneataul . An Act 'llo provide for leave of absence for homestead entry- men in one or two 22, 1914 704 Suumville, Cal,, Public . An Act Authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to issue patent to ge cityzcg gganville, in Lassen County, Cehfornia, for certain lands, and for other purposes. ugust , ... . ... . .. , .,,,,,,,_,___ 705 Pike National Forut, Colo. An Act To reserve certain knda uid to incorporate the name and make them s Bart of the Pike National Forest. August 24, 1914 ... . ... . . 705 Public landy, mm, Colo. An Act Granting public lands to the city and county of Denver, in the State of Colorado, for Zglblic Erk p . August 25, 1914 ,,,..,,,,,___,____ _ _ _____ 706 Oil and gas location.: m reserved dr. Act $0 amend an Act entitled "An Act to protect the locator; in good faith of oil and gas lands who shall have effected an actual discovery of oil or gu on the public lands of the United States, or their succemurs in interest," approved ‘ March second, nineteen hundred and eleven. August 25, 1914 ____.,_,,,___________ _ ______ 708 Gift of steam launch "Louw¢." An Act To present the steam launch Louise, now employed in the construction of the Panama. Canal, to the French Government. August 25 1914 .. 709 Bridge, Black Riva-. An Act To authorize the Great Western land Company, of to con- F Entrgt ajglridge alrérose Blackngiveriu 26, 1914. . 709 art er z itary esermztzkm, yo. ct 0 extend e em] hud laws Fort Bridge; Military Reservation in W¥0ming. August 2§?!1914 . . 709 Fort Heya Milztqy Reservation, Kam. An Act 0 amend an act of Congress approved March twentv. ergth, umeteen hundred (volume thirty-one, Statutes at Large, We Eity-two), entitled " _ act gumung to the State of the abandoned Fort Hays ili Reservation in and State, for the purpose of establishing an experiment station of thelgning State Agricultuml College, and a western branch of the State Normal School thereon and for ' park “Augusi;27 1914 y A public 710 Alaska court;. An Act To amend an Act entitled ·‘A.u Act creating 2. legislative Ternuory of Alaska. and conferring legislative power thereon, and for other purposes " sp- · proved August twenty-om-th, nineteen hundred and twelve. August 29, 1914 .. I . 710