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988 SIXTY-THIRD corrennss. sees. III. ou. 140. 1915. ie;¥I&LL?£§.d?*“"‘ UTAH- _ To Moylan C. Fox, of Salt Lake City, executor of Joab Lawrence, deceased, $4,078.75. virginia. VIRGINIA. To Thomas R. Hardaway; administrator of the estate of Alfred Anderson, deceased, of Ame `a County, $783. To Edward Anderson, administrator of Mary Anderson, deceased, late of Alexandria County, $8,150. To Robert G. Griffin, Catharine H. Harris, and the estate of Hannah T. Cromwell, deceased, late of York County, in equal shares, $18,475. To John H. Baker, of Clark County, Kansas, ormerly of Shenandoah County, Virginia, $790. To G. B. Wallace administrator of estate of Robert N. Blake, deceased, late of Staiiord County, $1,790. To Mary S. Armistead, Anna Gee, and Sue P. Temple, of Prince George County, children of Theodoric Bland, deceased, in equal shares, in their own right, $3,600. To Rosa M. Bowden, Zenobia Porter, Ma.ry E. Bowden, and Martha Bowden Gustin, heirs of Lemuel J. Bowden, deceased, late of the city of Williamsbur , $3,540. To Francis Brabham, of Loudoun County $500. To the heirs of John B. Brown deceased, late of Alexandria G0unt§ $800, to be Hsrogortioned as iollowsz To arriett A. Mi , our-ninths, or $355.55; To Addison M. Brown, one-ninth, or $88.89. To Willis A. Law, two-ninths, or $177.78. To Maye C. Law, two—ninths, or $177.78. To Mariah McDermott, administratrix of the estate of William Burley, deceased, late of Alexandria County, $470. To Caroline Carter, of Albemarle County, $375. To Francis F. Cl1I‘i3lS, of Fau uier County, $603.75. To Margaret M. Donnelly, widow of Edward W. Donnelly, deceased, of Fauquier County, $360. To Lewis Ellison and Helen Louise Crawford, heirs of Lewis Ellison, deceased, late of James City $5,120. To Hezekiah T. Embrey, administrator of Robert Embrey, deceased, of Fauquier County, $826. To Samuel Fitzhugh, administrator of the estate of Henry Fitzhugh, deceased, late of Stafford Count , $3,300. To Margaret R. Shi le , adininistratrix of the estate of John Flower, deceased, late ol; Iinwiddie County, $3,510. To Noah Foltz, of Page County, $300. To Newton E. Funkhouser and Charles E. Funkhouser, executors of Josrgph E. Funkhouser, deceased, late of Frederick County, $1,514. To . F. Gon h, administrator of estate of Mary A. Gough, deceased, late of Frederigr County, $703. To J. R. Allison, administrator de bonis non cum testamento annexo of Isaac Haynes, deceased, late a resident of Fairfax County, $1,7 20. To John C. Lutholtz, sole heir of Mary Lutholtz, deceased, of Shenandoah Countgi $359. To William F. cKimmfy, administrator of the estate of John McKimmy, deceased, late o Loudoun County, $1,240. To Eleanor McWilliams, administratrix of Henry McWilliams, deceased, $575. To R. G. Johnson, administrator of estate of Lewis W. Mann, deceased, late of Loudoun County, $500.