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1024 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 141. 1915. Bm- For rent of buildings in the District of Columbia: Medical dispensary, S n General’s Office, $1,000; War Department, $7,200; Ad]l1li8.D 0I‘8.l.,S Office, $1,500; m all, $9,700. ,,§,;;}~.,*;$*·*****’*¤=··¤° PUBLIC BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS.

 ” Orman or ru·a1.1o nuunmes AND eaomms: Superintendent,

$3,000; assistant and chief clerk, $2,400; clerks—one of class four, one of class three, one of class two and stenographer, one of class one; messenger; landscape architect, $2,400; surveyor and draftsman, Fawn M $1 500; in all, $16,140. _ _ ’ For foreman, gardeners, mechanics, and laborers employed m the public grounds, $31,200. w°“""”°"‘ For sergeant of park watchmen, $950. my un For second sergeant of fpark watchman $900. For day watchmen, as ollows: One in Park and adjacent reservations on New York Avenue; one in Lafayette Park; two in Smithsonian Grounds and neighboring reservations; one in Judiciary Park; one in Lincoln Park and ardllacent reservations; one in Iowa Circle and reservations to the no east; one in Thomas and Scott Circles and neighboring reservations; one in Washington Circle and neighboring reservations; one in Dupont Circle and neighboring reservations; one in McPherson Park and Farragut Square; one in Stanton Park and neighboring reservations; two m Henry and Seaton Parks and neighboring reservations; one in Mount Vernon Park and reservations to the northeast; one in grounds south of the Executive Mansion; one in Garfield and Marion Parks and reservations to the ‘ east; one in Monument Park; three in Potomac Park; twenty-one in mguhn all at $840 each, $17,640. _ For night watchman, as follows: Two in Smithsonian Grounds and neighbor1ng{;eserva.tions; one in Judiciary Park; two in Henry and Seaton Par and adjacent reservations; one in grounds south of the Executive Mansion; one in Monument Park; one in Garfield Park and neighboring reservations; one in Iowa, Scott, and Thomas Circles

 neighboring reservations; one in Stanton and Lincoln Parks and

ne:ghborii1:g!:·eservations; one in Lafayette and McPherson Squares an Fran and Farragut Parks; one in Washington and Dupont, Circles and neighboring reservations; one in Mount emon Park and neighbori? reservations; two for greenhouses and nursery; four in wmmd v_ Potomac ark; nineteen in all, at $840 each, $15,960. ' Bellgorvwatclimgzli fear tgelcare pfvéhehtilonument and dock at Wake- , irgima, e IIE aceo as` n,$300. °°°°°°°°° °°°°’°°' For contingent and inliidental expensg;0 including purchase of profassional and scientific books and scientific periodicals, books of reference, blank books, (photographs, and maps, $700. For purchase an repair of bicycles and revolvers for park watchmen and for purchase of ammunition, $1,000. For purchasing and supplying imiforms to park, Monument, and Pm mm mmm brigge watchman, $2,800. mmm the foregoing amounts appropriated under Public Buildings and ggsozinds, Plézpumbof $35,275 slilall be paid out of the revenues of the not o um ia.


”°{ei'.¥.?;§?.€§,“°°"* Office of superintendent: Clerk of class three; stenographer and typewriter, $900; chief engineer, $1,400; five assistant e eers, at $1,000 each' electrical machinist, $1,200; captain of xc watch, $1,200; two lieutenants of the watch, at $840 each; forty watchmen; carpenter $1 000; electrician, $1,200; machinist, $1,000; painter, $1,000; plumber, $1,000; three dynamo tenders, at $900 each; seven