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1042 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 141. 1915. $¤P¤"¤*¤¢ *¤=P°°· Steamboat inspectors: For ten suipervising inspectors, at $3,000 N? S., sec. 4404, p. each, as authorized by section forty- our hundred and four, Revised m Statutes, $30,000; _ _ _ {?3*§¢¤· ,06, V0, Inspectors of hulls and inspectors of boilers, as authorized by Acts 35. p. 42€;pV¤|· 57, ri approved April ninth, nineteen hundred and six, May twenty-eighth, 785 mneteen hundred and eight, and March fourth, nmeteen hundred and thirteen, $171,100; _ _ _ _ $,j§*s:§,°¤* Assistant inspectors, as authorized by Act of Apiril ninth, nmeteen ` ’P` hundred and six, for the following ports: New Yor , thirty, at $2,000 each; New Orleans, four at $1,800 each; Baltimore, six at $1,800 each; Boston, six at $1,800 each; Philadel hia, eight at $1,800 each; San Francisco, eight at $1,800 each; Bufihlo, four at $1,600 each; Milwaukee, eight at $1,600 each; Norfolk, four at $1,600 each; Seattle eight at $1,600 each; traveling inspector, $2,500; $158,500; In all steamboat ins ection service, $359,600. ¤¤¤=¤**°·¤°'°*¤°- Clerk hire, service atlp e: For compensation, not exceeding $1,500 a year to each person, ofggerks to boards of steamboat inspectors, to be appointed by the Secretary of Commerce in accordance with the B-¤-·=°•=·“**·P·$5*- visions of section forty- our hundred and fourteen, Revised v¤L ax, p. 106; Vol. Sliztutes, the Act of April ninth, nineteen hundred and six, and the °°·“ 1229* Act of March fourth, nmiteerghrmdred and eleven, $ . d h ¤¤¤¤¤8¤¤*°*P°¤¤¢¤· Contm' gent e enses: or ees to witnesses; trave` an other P°“’p`m5 expenses whenxgn official business of the Supervising Inspector General, supervising inspectors, traveling inspector, local and assistant inspectors, and clerks; instruments, inniture, stationery, janitor service, and every other thinlg necessary to carry into effect the 8§.g$;_Tm° LH’”‘ rovisions of Title fifty-two, evised Statutes, of the Act of April V¤1-82g,g,0$0;8V¤1-iiemth, eighteen hundred and eigihty-eight, amending the Act of ¢i•3’ei°i¤1.2ie,%¤ec; {Gil Jime nineteenth, eighteen hundre and eighty-six, as amended by

,,f’§§#·I’· Acts of March first, eighteen hundred and ninet —five, February

' fifteenth, hteen hundred and ninety-seven, Marcli third, nineteen hundred gd five, April ninth, nineteen hundred and six, and May twenty-eighth, nineteen hrmdred and eight, $80,000. N•"'8**’°° B“'°°“· Bunmu or NAVIGATIONZ Commissioner, $4,000; deputy commissioner, $2,400; chief clerk, $2,000; clerk to commissioner, $1,600; clerks——two of class four, one of class three, three of class two, four of class one, two at $1,000 each, six at $900 each; two messengers; mg insagll, $33,280. F Sm Shinn ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤· ’ Service: or in commissioners in amounts not d°xi°:ilés, exceegiiiglgthe following: Balgimgre, $1,200; Boston, $3,000; New Bedford, $1,200; New rleans, $1,500; New York, $5,000; Norfolk, $1,500; Philadelphia, $2,400; Portland, Maine, $1 300; Seattle, $3,500; Providence, $1,800; Rockland, $1,200; San Francisco, $4,000.; in all, $27,600. €*·¤*=¤*¤*~ Clerk hire: For compensation, to be Exed by the Secret of Commerce, not to exceed $1,600 per annum to each person, ofadgzrks in the offices of shipping commissioners, $35,000. ggmygggmew- Contingent expenses: For rent, stationery, and other requisitw ’ ` for transaction of the business of shi ping commissioners’ offices, and for janitor in the commissionefs o£ce at New York, $840; in all, $6,000. vgkwmunmwt of To enable the Commissioner of Na ation to secure uniformity in ` the admeasurement of vessels, incliiding the employment of an adjuster of admeasurements at not to exceed $2,100, purchase and exchange of admeasuring instruments, traveling and incidental

, $3,000.

°°°¤**¤8P**¤$¢¤=¤=- truments for counting passengers: For the purchase and repair of instruments for counting passengers, $250. _§:;' ,‘;:*{gf§%*; Enforcement of navigation laws: To enable the Secretary of Comin merce to provide and operate such motor boats and employ thereon such persons as may be necessary for the enforcement, under his