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1090 SIXTYJIHIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 144. 1915. etg‘¤*>°’°°“¤· =’·°¤¤¤=='·· of all tuberculin, serums, antitoxins, or analogous products, of foreign ` or domestic manufacture, which are sold in the United States, for the detecggn, prevetxission, treatrénentzhgg cureu;>$ghd1seais11e,tsS oi dogigstic anim , to test esame, an to emina e res o said ests. ,,,,*Q,‘§’§§f’§’,g,,,,‘§§g‘§§,‘{;{°‘ in such manner as he may deem best; to &urchase and destroy eased or exposedilanimals or qgarantigp f elsame whenever mbhis judgment essenti toprevent es re o p europneumoma, tu erculosis, or other diseases of from one State to another, as follows: , ”P’P°,‘§”°”°“"‘*“"‘ For inspection and quarantine work, including all necessary mlm mn expenses for the eradication of scabies in sheep and cattle, the tionkof sgnglhern cattle, tl}e supgelgvislion of the trapsgortation of ilver stoc an einspectiono vess theexecutiono thetwenty-e` t- hour law, the inspection and quarantine of imported animals, indlud-· ing the establishment and maintenance of quarantine stations and the alteration of buildings thereon; the ij1spt§·ctionbwo:·1l]i1:·elati1ve to the existence o contagious d1seases' an tu erc an mallein th tu tm tes§ingaol{ animals, $607,780; f ,th dl f 90** °’¤°**.mj of or necess expenses or e era °ca.tion o southern cattle. hmmm W L ticks, $438,800, aoliywhich sum $50,000 may be used for live stock demonstration work in cooperation with the States Relations Serv- _ ice, in areas freed of, ticks, and of this amount no p)art shall be used

%‘%€ %E.“2° "“"3£2“‘°f°ft?S“’“°”S f°* l¥’°°"&`.iIi¤l"i§"’°"2'ii‘·   "§"’”"';

me · a no p o appropma on e us m e purc ase o materials for or in the construction of dip vats u n l d t. owned solely by the United States, except atliggrs or P?tio1i·suwhI;:e· the Degplarunent of Agriculture makes exhibits or iiemonstrations; nor sh any part of this approglriation be used in the p1u·chase of materials or mixtures for use ID pging vats except in experimental, or demonstration work carried on y the officials or agents of the mm mum Bureau of Animal Industry; _ _ _ · I ‘ d For al§ neucyessary expgnses fol’ t1.&vet?t1g8t1<£>Dts]10an(il expergnents in airymus coo avemves aonso m the various States, mpglpection of renovated—butter fagiltbiies A...u..e.d,, k°}‘· ’§,‘*·°°°¥ f . . d I ,,,d,,,g·_ _ or necessary expenses or mvest1 ations an exper1m' ents in ¤t<i:*§i§’•i¤¤¤ti¤¤· husbandry 4; for experiments in animal feeding and breeding, including cooperation with the State agricultural experiment stations, mcluding repairs and atdlditions and erecctfog of absolutely necessary to carry on e experiments m u mg the employment f l&i)0I'.1I1 the city of _Washington and blsewhere, rent outside of the District of Columbia, and all other necessa.ry expenses, $189,060: §g°,{‘g°',,,, mm Promded, That of the sum thus appropriated $25,000 may be used purposes- _ for experiments m the breeding an maintenance of horses for mili-

  • ’°““""* °““°“°°· 5;53rposesl;ePr0z(;i<}ed further, That of tulie sqm thus appippriatede

, ma use or experiments m po try eeding an reeding, including the feed' and breed1ng` of ostric es and in es ti and experiments inutghe study of the ostrich industry; V uga Om ·‘·¤””°‘ ‘“’°°m· fFer_ al l for tsacientiiic inérestigations in diseases oamm,mcu emamnanceanim tfth. bureau experimentstation at Bethesda, Maryland,psi·.iidBtIli(gnnec(:zssm·y’ alterations of buildings thereon, and the necessary ex nses for investigaggns of tuberculm, serums, antitoxins, and anaiiigous products, $85, 0; m§’,,°‘§“'¥“· ¤¤°*‘· For construction of bui1d1ngs' at bure u t t ti t t mmmdm?" fietheisdai Maigyland, and bureau experiilnerigtil-li6armrI:i61ii.t slgltgirlihz, 0 a.ry an $6, 50; a£§€g.°h lm "’° For allhiecessary expenses for the investigation treatment, and· {QQ‘;,",§‘,;ng mn m eradication of hog cholera and douriue, $235,000; Prwided, That of ¤¤{,¤,;,_¤*3*;f*;}¤§§¤§&_¤¢¤· stud sum not less than_$50,000 shall be available for ex enditure in carrying out the provisions of the Act approved March tldurth, nine-