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92 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 4. 1913. 1’¤•b*¤ I¤<“¤¤¢’· F th f s ial attorney for the Pueblo Indians of Sp°°m°mm°y` Nevg ago lie ddlsigngisced by the Secretary of the Interior and for necess traveling enses of said attorney, $2,000, or so much thereof asage Seeretarymdi the Interior may deem necessary. New York. NEW YORK. S°"°°““· S . 14. F fuliillmg' treaties with Senecas of New York: For eriigfiltxifm H18IlE:1b lieu of igterest on sgock (Act of February ni)neteen hteen undredan lilllfbl -0ne $6000. §*{,}§§'§j°‘· Fdipfilililling treaties with Six llationd of,New York: For perma- V<>1- 7, P- 46- neil? annutitéy, in clo$ing and othp: argicles (ar;1cle)ai;ci ignesty f o r e even seventeen un an mnety· our . §,°,§,,§§,‘?,Q‘§_*‘*‘“°" 0 Forvglg of one special agent at $1,050, one pgiysician at,$6(i0, and pple financial clerk at $600 per annum, at the ew York Agency; in , $2,250. . "°*°‘·,°°*°“°* Noam oanonma. °°°'°"‘°°°1'°°l' Sec. 15. For splpport and education of one hundred and eighty Indian p1;pils at e Indian school at Cherokee, North Carolina, and for pay o superintendent, $30,000; for general repairs and improvements, $6,000; in all, $36,000. · “°'°"”'“‘°“· NORTH DAKOTA. ¥’·.;’,T",Q.;.£%",.fi “*‘°‘ N SSL izorgggggn me eivmmaon of the situ of nevns 1..,1,.,, o o a, . ' .4;,25,3 B°m`°1d For sup rt and civilization of Indians at Fort Berthold Agency, in d,,,§g¤’°"·°*°·· °‘ ‘”‘ North Daggta, includin pay of em loyees,'$15,000. Turtle 1i¤¤¤¢¤i¤ For snlrplport and c1v1§zation of rlgirtle Mountain Band of Chippe- Supm,,’,,c_ was, No Dakota, $11,000. _ _ Bismarck Sclwol- Fer support and education of one hundred Indian up11s at the Indian s ool, Bismarck, North Dakota, and for pay ofp superintendgut, $18,200; fpr general repairs and improvements, $2,000; for $315-%0cpy1;1s,a%o1;;§yé0a(.pd other hve stock, $1,000; for new equipment,

  • `°“ "`°“°° S°*‘°°‘· For support and education of four hundred Indian pupils at Fort

Totten In nan School, Fort Totten, North Dakota, and for pay of supermtendent, $68,500; for general repa1rs and improvements, $6,000; for construction_of power house recently destroyed bi fire apd for installation, repau, and improyement of eating and lig ting wahpmn School, p ant, $15,000, to be immediately available; in all, $89,500. For suplport and education of two hundred Indian pupils at the Indian Sc ool, Wahpeton, North Dakota, and pay of superintendent, $3.%200; for genera repaus and improvements, $5,000; for addition suixysnnnmk. *° am: V500? ,f<>r<1¤ury¤¤ws, $1,000; m all, $43,700. mgiggginatitn me For exammation of the land embraced m Sullys Hill Park to ilggigpgg Elsgtlggrugzmpontams valuable minerals, $500, or so much ssary. °"‘“‘°“"‘· oKL.moMA Wichitas etc S.,,,p0,,,Q,,,,_‘ Sec. 17. For sapport and civilization of the Wichit d ffili ted Eggishggigclljggiiggen cgllected on gnzggservations setimaggrt ling- {Emi; Kiowas,Coman he , m· Uma! ,_ 2 gym. wd Wicni- {hat the Splcretary of the Interior in his discretion, is authorized to aIp:1:;€g%,;%$;d§,hm, se upon suc terms and under such rules and regulations as he may plgescripe lthe lmused, unallotted, unreserved, and such portions of tre sc oo and agency lands that are no longer needed for adminisation purposes, m the Kiowa, Comanche, Apache, and Wichita