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96 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 4. 1913. °°“°°**¤8 *°¤**» °*°· For expenses incident to and in connection with collection of rents of rmallotted lands and tribal buildings, such amount as may be fi$¥€f”' necessary: Pmmkied, That such expenditures shall not exceed in the

e tgn perfceniilum lp;1 tfhgdgmount collected, which amount

all ai out 0 suc tri .

mg¤fn»r·- That ighere any cemetery now exists within the lands of the Five
  • ’°°· Civilized Tribes, said land within said cemetery, together with the

land adjoining the same, where necessary, not exceeding twenty acres in the aggregate to any one cemetery, shall be y the Secretary of the Interior to the proper party, association, or corporation, or to the county commissioners of the State of Oklahoma,_ for cerpletery purposes bgn y, under such terms, conditions, and regulations as e ma rescri . i>il§’-'3¤°Zir1€»ifie¥pi:°¤é¤¤ For pagigent of salaries of emplpgees and other expenses of adver-

  • °'¤ P‘°°°°°s· tisement and sale in connection wi the disposition of the unallotted

lands and other tribal protgerty belonging to any of the Five Crvrlized Tribes, to be paid from e proceeds of such sales when authorized v¤¤.s6,p.1¤>vo. b the Secretary of the Interior, as provided by the Act approved lzarch third, nineteen hundred and eleven, not exceeding $40,000, $5,0120 of wihich to be immediately available, reimbursable from procm,. cee o sa e. F¤¤¤¤H:i'u¤•a¤. For fuliillin treaties with Choctaws, Oklahoma: For permanent i"§iiiii>i7°6a ver u,' annuity (artici two, treaty of November sixteenth, eighteen hundred P- °”· and ive and article thirteen, treaty of June twenty-second, eighteen I,m,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,_ hundred, and fifty-five), $3,000; for permanent annuity for support Ivor 1, p. :uz;v¤1. of light·horseman (article thirteen, treaty of October eighteenth, 1’“°“‘ eighteen hundred and twenty and article thirteen, treaty of June Blacksmith, sm twenty-second, eighteen hundred and fifty-five), $600; for (pgermavip;.] 7, rgims, mc; nent aunuity_for suppxort of blacksmith (article six, treaty of tober ° 'p‘ ‘ eighteenth, eighteen undred and twenty, and article mne, treaty of January twentieth, eighteen hundred and twently-five, and article Educmm thirteen, treaty of June twenty-second, eighteen undred and fifty- uvenhv, p. za; ven. five), $600; for permanent annuity for education (article two, treagy

  • l" *‘ of January twentneth, eighteen hundred and twenty-ive, and artic e

Im and sm, thirteen, treaty of June twenty-second, eighteen hundred and fifty- uVolk17, nm; vox. five), $6,000; or permanent annuity for 1ron and steel (article nine

  • P‘ *· treagiy of January twentieth, eighteen hundred and twenty-five, and

arti e thirteen, of June twenty-second, eighteen hundred and 0 iiftlgifive), $320; m $10,§2Q. _ P,§'?§“;¤,, ,0 be _ at hereafter the Commissioner of Indian Affairs is authorized in ggihggdfu gm? his discretion to_withho1d any_annuities or other payments due to Osage Indian mmors, above six years of age, whose arents fail, neglect, or refuse to place such minors in some establishedp school for a reasonable portion 0 each Cyear and to keep such children in regular attendance thereof. The ommissioner of Indian Aifairs is author- $121 to make suih gules ancé re§¤lations as may be necessary to put provision m o orce an e ect. b,§°’}§,§‘,“,§§°“,§,f,','g That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to pa out gsugfsggf-» ¤¤¤¤i¤S of ang funds of the Creek, Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Seminole_ ations on deposit rn the Treasury of the United States, the proportronate cost of street paving and construction of sidewalks abutting on unsold lots belongrrig to any of said tribes and as may be properly chgrgeable za: lots, palyuments to be made upon su mrssrono _ roo said _ ret o e teriorshow1ng` the entire cost of the sarg street paving andadliliewalk construction and that said PWM improvement was du y authorized and undertaken in accordance cemuuoa with law: Prmnded, That the Secretary of the Interior shall be satisfied that the charges made are reasonable and that the lots belonging to glo agovernentrogded trrgles which the charges were made ve eene c mv ue said IIDIOV than the amount of said charges. y P emma to not less