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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch. 147. 1915. 1139 Revenue-Cutter Service: For longevity pay of fifty-six warrant S§§,;_°°"°·°““°’ officers, $2,705; longevity pay of eighty-eight petty officers, $2,591.60; Imsivity psy. additional gay of e1gl1ty-one other enlisted men, $645; ay of nine warrant o _ cers (retired), $3,883.15; pay of nine ted men, $1 891.50; in all, $11,716.25; ‘ lnfe—Saving Service: For longevity pay of su tendents, as ,.,I‘“°“¤.,,",‘§§,,§'"°° follows: Ten at $2,200 (over twenty’ service), $3,740; one at may vv- $2,000 (over twenty years’ service), $340; one at $2,000 (over fifteen’ service), $255; one at $1,900 (over twenty’ service), $323 ; in all, $4,658; For pay of nve superintendents (retired), $4,812.50; For longevity pay of two hundred and seventy-four keepers, K•'P•¤· $43,027; For pay of fort -four keepers (retired), $19,250; · Pay of crews: Igor longvitxupiay as follows: Twenty number one "’°"'· surfmen, $1,615.75; one un and eighty-two number one surfmen from January twenty-eighth to Maycthirtydirst, nineteen hundred and fifteen, $10,781.80; sixty num r one surfmen from April first to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, $3,423; in al], $15,820.55* For additional pay for one thousand two hundred and thirty-six °”*°*•¤¤‘¤¤¤¤»•¤¢~ other surfmen $17,314.81; For pay of dfteen number one surfmen (retired), $5,512.50; Fox;]-Hay of thirty other surfmen (retired), $8,430; In , Coast Guard, $130,90828. muws AND Assay ormoms. m_‘““*·"°‘*“'•Y‘””‘ Denver, Colorado Mint: For incidental and contingent expenses, D°"'°"»°°*°· E including new machinery and repairs, wastage in melting and re5ning cmmmt department and coining department, and loss on sale of swee arising from the treatment of ulhon and the manufacture of coin, gal year nineteen hundred and fourteen, $7,395.97. rxnnrmnnnm rnnasnnr. “§,'}"°¥’°“°°°‘ "`”••· For contingent ex enses, Inde endent Treasiuy, including the ¤<>¤•¤¤s·¤¢¤v·¤m same objects specifiedp under this hgad in the sund.z_ civil appropriation Act for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and teen, $20,000. MISCELLANEOUS. “‘·°·“¤·¤··>¤•· Expenses of Tariff Board: To pay amounts due on account of ex- p_'flgg¤ B¤·¤d· ¤=· penses incurred by the Tariff Board, for which bills were not rendered ` until after the appropriation was exhausted, fiscal years nineteen hundred and eleven and nineteen hundred and twelve, $84.50. Recoinage of gold coins: For recoinatgp of light-weight gold coins w§,;_°°*'·•¤°· ¤°'° in the Treasiuy, to be expended under e direction o the Secretary of the Treasury, as required by section thirty-five hundred and twelve of the Revised Statutes, $4,000. Recoinage of minor coins: To enable the Secretary of the Treasury wg;_·=¤i¤¤c·· ¤¤|¤¤¢ to continue the recoinage of worn and uncurrent minor coin of the United States now in the Treasury or hereafter received, and to reimburse the Treasurer of the United States for the difference between the nominal or face value of such coin and the amount the same will produce in new coin, $5,000. War-risk insurance: To pay the United States Steel Products Pg_'{ff,g'g §,%;uf;f'* Company refund of a portion of premium on accoxmt of war—r1sk policy numbered eight, aving ceased to cover on November twenty- ninth, nineteen hundred and ourteen, $1,435.60.