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1168 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 153. 1915. or the owner of the vessel liable in damages for such flogging or corporal pimishment to the person illegally pimished such officer/’ %•3g*P'·':,‘§§°¤* Sm. 10. That section twenty-three of the Act enti ed "An Act to R.8dB{ec1?]61.2;p.895. amend the laws relating to American seameri, for the protection of ““°“ such seamen, _ and to promote commerce, approved l)ecember twenty;-(ihst, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, e, and_1s hereby, hygggd WM, ¤*· amen as regards the items of water an butter, so that in lieu of a daily requirement of four quarts of water there shall be a reqmrement of five quarts of water every da , and in lieu of a daily requirement 0; lpne ounce of} butter there sliall be a requirement of two ounces o utter every ay. I}V§§f*‘ ?,{,f’°°§f°“=,,,3, Sec. 11. That section twenty-four of the Act entitled "An Act to ¤¤¤¤d°d- amend the laws relating to American seamen, for the protection of such seamen, and to promote commerce," approved December twentlyggrst, gligihteeiilihundred and ninety-eight, e, and is hereby, amen to r as 0 ows: · m§,°f,‘f“°“°" °" W" "Sec. 24. That section ten of chapter one hundred and twenty-one y,•¤·¤i¤*.&55· 80, of the laws of eighteen hundred and e' hty-four, as amended by .,..342,4. ’ p' section three of chapter four hundred anilgtwenty-one of the laws of eighteen hundred and eighty-six, be, and is hereby, amended to P t in d readasfollowsz “¤§.¥Q'€§]'um.w¢Ef "‘SEc. 10 (a) That it shall be, and is hereby, made unlawful in any case to pay andy seaman wages in advance of the time when he has actually earne the same, or to pay such advance wages, or to make ani order, or note, or other evidence of indebtedness therefor to any other person, or ttcgpay aniperson, for the shipment of seamen t M vb when payment is deduc or to e deducted from a seaman s wages.

,,,,,,,,,SI""l“l"°°“_ Anayg pgrson wolsnggig any of the foregoing provisions of this section

sh deemed ty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be punished by a fine of not less than $25 nor more than $100, and may also be imprisoned for arlperiod of not exceeding six months, at Liability or mans, the discretion o the court. he payment of such a vance wages or °°°‘ allotment shall in no case except as herein provided absolve the vessel or the master or the owner thereof from the full pa ent of _ wagles after the same shall have been actually earned, andydliall be m};¤,;1*gP‘;,¤8*;*fmg's;,j_· no efense to a libel suit or action for the recove of such w es. If man (cr smpntymem. any person shall demand or receive, either directilgr or indirectly, from any seaman or other person employment, as seaman, or from any person on his be alf, any remuneration whatever for provid` lum with employment, he s all for every such offense be deemlgid guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be imprisoned not more than six Mm t t {mn months or not more than $500. ,u,,,,,.§‘°°" ° Y f"(b) That it shall be lawful for an seaman to stipulate in his shipping agreement for an allotment ofy an portion of the wages he cm mama may earn to his grandparentsa,1lparents, wide, sister, o1·_ children. ,,,, ,.,,i"*,,‘*°“‘“,,1,,,,,,,,,,,,_ (c) That no allotment sh be val1d unless in writing and signed by and approved by the shipping commissioner. It shall be the duty of e said commissioner to examine such allotments and the parties to them and enforce compliance with the law. All stipulations for the allotment of any part of the wages of a seaman during his absence which are made at the commencement of the voyage shall be inserted in the ent and shall state the amounts and times of the payments to ici-ei made and the persons to whom the pay- Pmmlm H me mehtgbaréhtot be mazilde. _ mmeueiiiiaiiup. a no otment except as rovided for in this section shall be lawful. Any person whopshall ihisely claim to be such relation, as above described, of a seaman under this section shall for every such offense be punished by a ine not exceeding $500 or imprisonment not exceeding six months, at the discretion of the court.