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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. HI. R¤s.8. 1915. 1223 Grand Army of the Republic, which will take place in the District of Columbia from September twenty-seventh to October second, nineteen hundred an fifteen, as they shall deem advisable for the preservation of public order and the protection of life and property, to be m force one week prior to said encampment, durin sai encampment, and one week subsequent thereto. Such special P¤°“°°**°¤·•*°- regulations shall be published in one or more of the daily newspapers of the District of Columbia, and no penalty prescribed or the violation of such regulations shall be enforced until five days after such publication; and said commissioners are authorized and directed to establish a s ecial schedule of fares, a plicable to ,”8°¤°°§l° °‘ <=¤l> public conveyances in said District, during the period aforesaid. °s'°t" _ Any (person violating any of the aforesaid regulations or the aforesaid ,,§,S“{‘“"’ ‘°’ “°"' sche ule of fares shall, upon conviction thereof in the police court of the said District, be liable for such oH’ense to a fine not to exceed $100, and in default of payment of such fine to imprisonment in the workhouse (or jail) of said District for not longer than sixty days. This resolution shall take effect immediately u on its approval, and ·*§****“°¤ *°¤’ the sum of $11,000, or as much thereof as may be necessary, pa able uhm from msu-wz from any money in the Treas not otherwise a propriatecf and ""“°°°‘ from the revenues of the Districtldl Columbia, in equal) parts, is hereby appropriated to enable the Commissioners of the District of Columbia to carry out the uprovisions of section one of this joint resolution, $1,000 of which sha be available for the construction, maintenance, tmmm ¤· and operation of public-comfort stations and information booths, ’ under the direction of said commissioners. _ _ Sec. 2. That the Commissioners of the District of Columbia are m°"“°”°°"‘ hereby authorized to permit the committee on illumination of the citizens’ executive committee for the entertainment of the forty- ninth national encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic to stretch suitable conductors, with sufficient sulpports wherever neces- ‘ sary, for the pru·p)ose of effectinrghighe said umination within the District of Co um ia: Prmnkled, t the said conductors shall not f{§,"{$‘,,,,& be used for the conve of electrical currents after October second, nineteen hundred and fifteen, and shall, with their supfports, be fully and entirely removed from the streets and avenues o the said city of Washington on or before October twentieth, nineteen hundred and fifteen: Prmnlied furtluzr, That the stretching and removing of in: “"‘* "'”°" the said wires shall be under the sugcrvision of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, who sha see that the provisions of this resolution are enforced; that all needful precautions are taken for the protection of the p)ublic; and that the pavement of any street, avenue, or alley distur ed is replaced in as good condition as before entering upon the work herein authorized: Provided further, That dlxgluniiatsixiy me no expense or damave on account of or due to the stretching, opera- °‘°°’ ° °‘ tion, or removinv of the said temporary overhead conductors shall be incurred by the United States or the District of Columbia: Anil provided further, That if it shall be necessary to erect wires for illumi- was vgmls pun nation p oses over any park or reservation in the District of “ '“°” ° ' Columbiamtliat the work of erection and removal of said wires shall be under the supervision of the official in charge of said park or reservation. Sec. 3. That the Secretary of War and the Secreta.ry_0f the Navy ¤3l‘g’f§,‘;fG°'““°” be, and they are hereby, authorized to loan to the chairman of the _ subcommittee in charge of street decorations, or his successor in said office, for the pu ose of decorating the streets of the city of Washington, District Ei) Columbia, on the occasion of the encampment o the Grand Army of the Republic, nineteen hundred and fifteen, such of the United States ensigns, Hag; (except battle flags), signal numbers, and so forth, belonging to the Government of the