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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 16. 1913. 147 335; Braids, laits laces, and willow sheets or uares com ed su¤“°¤‘°m_ ”'·'cmN,- wholly or in childf value of straw, chip, grass, palmslleaf wil1ow,%gier, Hs! b¤|dS. ¤¤=.`i°gi rattan, real horsehair, cuba bark, or manila hemp, suitable for '°'"’ °*‘“ " or oruamenting hats, bonnets, or hoods, not bleached, d ed, colo , or stained, 15 per centum ad valorem· if bleached, dyedl colored, or stained, 20 per centum ad valorem; hats, bonnets, and hoods composed wholly or in chief value of straw, chip, grass, palm leaf, willow, osier, rattan, cuba ba1§ or mamla homes, w other wholly or lpartly manufactured, but not ocked or trimm , 25 per centum ad va orem; if blocked or trimmodband in chief value of such materials, 40 per I centum ad valorem. ut the terms "grass" and "straw" shall be °°°“"“‘° """'° understood to mean these substances in their natural form and ` structure, and not the separated iiber thereof. B 336. Brooms, made o broom-corn, straw, wooden Ebre or ,t.,_""“"" °""""'· 15‘per centum ad valorem; brushes and feather dusters of all kin - an33l_;aiip% in quills;) or olthagwise, 35 per cpnturps ad valorem. mum . ns ,s0rted, unc or pared cen und. mmm 338. Button forms of lastings, mom or cloth giiropther manu- mm factures of cloth, wovorr or made in patterns of such size, or . form as to be iit for buttons exclusively, and not exceeding eight inches in any one dimension, 10. per centum ad valorem. ¤ Bum, 339. Buttons of xetable ivory in sizes thirty-six lines and larger 35 percentum ad rem; below thirty-six lines, 45 por centum ad valorem; buttons of shell and pearl in sizes twenty-six lines and larger, 25 per centum ad valorem; below twenty-six lines, 45 per centum md iralorem; agate buttons and shoe buttons, 15 per centum ad=valorem;—tparts of buttons and button molds or blanks, finished or mrlinidied, and all collar and cuff buttons and studs composed wholly of ivoiqyducirzagate, algo the foregoing 23d bngtom · no z rin. section, percentum. va rem. mmmlu

 fcut into squares, cubes, or quarters, 4 cents_ per on

pound; manufactured cork stop , over three-fourths of an inch in diameter, measured at the {gr end, and manufactured cork, disks, wafers, or washers, over ths of an inch 111 thickness, 12 cents per pound; manufactured cork stoppers, three-fourths ofanmchor lessmdiameter, measuredat the larger end, andmanu- _ factured cork disks, wafers, or washers, three-sixteenths of an inch or less in thickness, 15 cents per pound; cork, artificial, or cork substntutes manufactured from cork waste, or granulated corks, and not otherwise provided for_m this section, 3 cents per pound; cork insulation, wholly auger: phiof vailue oi granulateddcork, slabs, lgoarh, planks,or mo orms, cen er un;cor , 5per centum ad valorem; manufactures gvhollyoor in chief gaalldd of cork or of cork bark, or of artincial cork or bark substitutes, granulated or ground cork, not specially provided for in this section, 30 per centum ad valorem. Dm I m 341. Dice dominoes, droughts, chesmen, chess balls and billiard, °°' pool, btgutelle balls, and poker chips, of ivory, bone, or other matenals, 50 por centum ad valorem. hm 342: Dolb, and arts of dolls, doll heads, toy marbles of whatever °°u"° °°"'°*°‘ materials composeg, and all other toys, and arts of toys, not composed of china, porcelain, parian, bisque, earthen or stone ware, and not specially provided for m this section, 35 per centum ad valorem. M 343. Emery grains and emory, manufactured, ground, pulverized, am. l °°°-° or refined, 1 cent per pound; emory wheels, emory til emory PBPBP, and manufactures of which emory or conmdum is (fine component material of chief value, 20 er centum ad valorem. mmm 344. Firecrackers of all , 6 cents per pound; bombs, rockets, Roman candles, and fireworks of all descriptions, not y providedforinthissection, 10centsperpound;thew tonallthe foregoing to include all coverings, wrappings, and pac maternal.