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164 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 16. 1913. hn ’·"'·°°"“¤· necess and appropriate for the wear and use of such ersons and UL are intbliirded fo1?§ucH wear and use, and shall not be hdld to apply to merchalpgise or article? intgndtcgd §oghotl_·EJer_tI(;e;z11sé>tnst or fir sale: mw"- M Pr `ed, atiucaseoresien 0 e m aesreummg Rwdum M frozxndabroad all wearing apparel, personal and household effects taken by them out of the United States to foreign countries shall admitted free of dut , without regard to their value, u on their identity establisbed under appropriate rules and regulations to be prescri by the Secretary 0 the Treasury: Prqvtded further q_f,~_*¥_§f,,§*},;_d”“°“°°° That u to but not exceeding $100 m value of articles acquired ` abroad by such residents of the United States for personal or household use or as souvenirs or curios, but not bought on commission or intended for sale, shall be admitted free of duty. 643. Whalebone, unmanufactured. W¤¤¤*· ¤°¤*· °°°· 644. Wheat, wheat Hour, semolina, and other wheat plroducts, not P'°°”°- du, specially provided for in this section: Provakled, That w eat shall be cmmmmm y` subject to a duty of 10 cents per bushel, that wheat Hour shall_be sub act to a duty of 45 cents per barrel of 196_pounds, a.nd_semolma and] other products of wheat, not specially rovi ed for_mthis section, 10 per centum ad valorem, when directly or mdirectly from a country, dependency, or other subdiv1sion of government which

 pddéity on wheat or wheat Hour or semolma imported from

e nit tates. ' ,,,¥,";¤Q"f‘},,,,_""" '"'° 645. All barbed wire, galvanized wire not larger than twenty onehundredths of one inch in diameter and not smaller than eight onepnmdredths of one in diameterfof the kind coménoigly used for en urposes, va.mzed' wire encing com 0 wires not 1argc;l·lgtli)an twenty one-hundredths of one inclhosiii diameter nor smaller than ght one—hund.redths of one inch in diameter, and wire commoiéy pls for baling hay or other commodities. 646. it erite. WM- 647. Wood: Logs, timber, round, unmanufactured, hewn or sawed, sided or squared; pulp woods kindling wood, firewood, hop lpgoles, hoop poles, fence posts, handle bolts, shingle bolts, gun bloc for gunstocks rouglh hewn or sawed, or laned on one side; hubs for wheels, gets, eading bolts, stave bells, last blocks wagon blocks, oar bloc heading b ocks, and all like blocks or sticks, rough hewn, sawed, or bored; sawed boards, planks, deals, and other lumber, not further manufactured than sawe , planed, and to ed and grooved; clapboards, laths, pickets palings, staves, shinlgzs, shi timber, ship plankmg, broom handles sawdust, and wood Hour; all) the foregoing not speuallydprovided for in this section. °‘°'“°"’°°‘”· 648. Woods: Ce ar, including Spanish cedar, lignum-vitae, lancewood, eboxgy, box, granadilla, mahogany, rosewoo , satmwood, and all forms o_ cabmet woods, in the log; rough, or hewn only, and red

  • §_**¤¤*¤*¤¤¤¤¤“¤· cedar (Jumperus virginiana) timber, ewn, sided, squared, or round;

sticks of partridge, hair wood, imento, orange, myrtle, bamboo, rattan, reeds unmanufactured, indlia malacca joints, and other woods not specially provided for in this section, in the ro? or not further advanced t an out into le hs suitable for stic for umbrellas, parasols, snmshades, whips, rods or walking canes. wmpmgm. 649. Mechamcally ground wood pulp, chemic wood pulp, unbleached or bleached, and rag pulp. wm, em. 650. Wool of the sheep, hair of the camel, and other like animals, In and all wools and hair on the skin of such animals, and aper twine ,_,,,,§_“‘°‘ ”°°°“‘”°‘ for binding any of the foregoing. This paragraph shall Ibe effective on and after the first day of ecember, nineteen hundred and thirteen, vu. sap. sa. until which t1me the rates_ of dutv now provided by schedule K of the exxsting law shall remain in full force and effect. W°°‘ '°¤°¤ 6§1. Wool wastes: All noils, top waste, card waste, slubbing waste, roving waste, ring waste. yam waste, bur waste, thread waste, gar-