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SIXTYTHIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 16. 1913. 169 panics, copartnerships, corporations, joint—stock companies or asso- ,,,§§°°§f*E ’¤·°°¤· ciations, and insurance companies, except as hereinafter provided, ¤<>rp<>mti¤¤¤.¤tp.,w in whatever capacity acting, having the control, receipt, disposal, $$.iS§fp°?.$§§”?L“al”“` or payment of fixed or determina le annual or periodical gains, pro ts, and income of another E-arson subject to tax, shall in behalf of such person deduct and wit old from the payment an amount equivalent to the normal income tax upon the same and make and mS(§§f*’“*°”‘“'“°°b° render a return, as aforesaid, but separate and distinct, of the ortion of the income of each person from which the normal tax has liieen thus withheld, and containing also the name and address of such person or stating that the name and address or the address, as the case may be, are unknown: Prmnkied, That the provision requiring Ummmthe normal tax of individuals to be withheld at the source of the income shall not be construed to require any of such tax to be withheld prior to the first day of November, nineteen hundred and thirteen: Prcrmkled further, hat in either case above mentioned no Minimum. return of income not exceeding $3,000 shall be required: Provided further, That any persons carryinghon business in partnership shall n,§f*“”” "°m P°""‘ be liable for income tax only m their individual capacity, and the share of the profits of a partnership to which angie taxable partner would be entitled if the same were divided w ther divided or otherwise, shall be returned for taxation and the tax paid, under the rovisions of this section, and any such Erm, when reqpested bg! the Commissioner of Intemal Revenue, or any district co ector, s all forward to him a correct statement of such profits and the names of the individuals who would be entitled to the same, if _ distributed: Provided tgurtiwr, That persons liable for the normal '*`“‘P°*" ‘“'*d°“"‘ income tax onl , on eir own account or in behalf of another, shall not be reqmred° to make return of the income derived from dividends on the capital stock or from the net earnings of corporations, jointstock companies or associations, and insurance companies taxable uplon their net income as hereinafter provided. Any lpgrson for 0t§€*;*¤;g¤Lg*c’:‘1;1e** M w om retum has been made and the tax paid, or to paid as " aforesaid, shall not be required to make a return unless such person has other net income, but only one deduction of $3,000 shall be made in the case of any suc person. The collector or deputy V¤ri¤¤»m>¤¤11i¤¤- collector shall require every list to be verified by the oath or affirmation of the part rendering it. If the collector or deputy collector 1°°"°"°*’Y°°“°°‘°’· have reason to believe that the amount of any income returned is understated, he shall 've due notice to the person making the return to show cause wgliy the amount of the return should not be increased, and upon proof of the amount understated may increase the same accordingly. If dissatisfied with the decision of the col- s,,,§§¥_i°°' by C°mmj°' lector, such person may submit the case, with all the papers, to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue for his decision, an may furnish sworn testimony of witnesses to prove any relevant facts. N mw { E. That all assessments shall e made by the Commissioner of 1¤gn(;’g]1d¤£,1y(;n Internal Revenue and all ersons shall be notified of the amount for which they are respectiveliy liable on or before the first day of June of each successive year, and said assessments shall be aid on or before the thirtieth day of June, except in cases of refusai) or neglect to make such return and in cases of false or fraudulent returns, in which cases the Commissioner of Internal Revenue shall, upon the discovery; thereof, at any time within three years after said return .1S due, ma je a return upon information obtained as provided for in this section or by existing law, and the assessment made by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue thereon shall be paid by such person or persons immediately upon notification of the_amount of S rm such assessment; and to any sum or sums clue and unpa1d after the mast, X ‘°" °°`”p°y` thirtieth day of June in any year, and for ten days after notice and