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194 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 16. 1913. the country of production or otherwise, and whether such article or merchandise is imported in the same condition ag when ggtportled f th t f rod fnorhasbeenchange incon_11on rleoin-;.n11?accl2)nTilr1le rcllfiothervvlidzegothere shall be_levied and g)81d,•}]1 aH ““°*‘d?r‘li§’“;1..‘i‘r§d’“é°3.l°rZhri$‘£E?E“t3$l‘&T5F¤‘.?;E°§§Lr’§ E? *23* 811 8 0 s °,£;*¤¤¤°¤*» °*°—» légwever the samgbrll bcf testovted. net amount otialibpézlh ' ’ grant imc 1me me e - milxlgellcsarld eclaged by the lgetzlretary of the Treasury, who shall make all needful reigulations for the identification of such articles and merchandise an for the assessment and collection of such additional duties. °°,,,°¤,,§'__!.,°‘°{*,•'*,,,;,,'°, F. Subsectio 1. That all art'cl of fore' manufacture or roh°vc1.a¤,p.°lls. duction whichnare ca ble of lleiillg markein stamped, branded? or labeled: without injul); shall be marked, stamped branded, or labeled in legible words, in a conspicuous place that shall not be covered or 0 ured b any subsequent attachments or arrangements, so as to indicate tile country of origin. Said marking, stamping, bianding, ozflaulteling as nearly indelible and permanent as enature e arti e rmit. linkin; ¤¤ wb All 00D.l28·1I1IDg- imported articl; shall bemarked stamped °°°‘ brandldd or beled so as to indicate legibly and gainly, in words, the country of origin and the quantity of err contents, and until marked in accordance with the directions prescribed in this section no articles or package? shall be delivered to the importer. w¢=:_gv¤¤¤¤¤•a¤¤•¤ Should any article or pac of imported merchandise be marked, °°m°”‘ stamped, branded, or labeledge so as not accurately to indicate the quantity, numbu, or measurement actuallv contained in such article or package, no delivery of the same shall be made to the importer ulptil this mark, starlpp, brandilork labehfaal the case may be, shall be c ang soastoco omitot e actso ecase. ¤~¤s¤¤¤¤¤¤¤- 'ghe of the 'l‘reast1ltryfshall prescribe the necessary rules an resgula ons to carry out e o o' vision.

gf"°'“’° F._ ubsec;ipltnig.>.AIf ang person sh? fllgliellilloently violate ztpy of the

Vvl. an provisnonso _ ctr a' to 6!I181'k1!1g· stamp` , radin or labeling of any nmportedtalggtiicles or packages; or shallfgaudurlentgi deface, destroy remove, alter, or obhterate an such marks, stamps, brands, or labels with intent to conceal the ingirmation given by or contained in such marks, stamps, brands, or labels, he shall upon conviction be lined m any sum not exceedin $5,000, or be imprisoned _ for ang time not exceeding one year, or ,,,§§,_P°g°,;{’&¤g ,_;’,*’§°°,,§§ _ G. ubsection 1. That all persons are prohibited from importing tg, lopglymacne. into the United States from any foreign country any obscene book, vzllle, p.s.‘ pamphlet, page wntmg, advertisement, circular, print picture, “·*’··•°°·’*°*·P·”’· drawing, or o er representation, figure, or image on or oil apcr or other material, or any cast, instrument, or other article ol, an immoral nature, or any drug_ or medicine, or any article whatever for the prevention of conception or for ca unlawful abortion, or E""""°*°"°"'**· any ottery ticket, or an advertisement ol any lottery. No such artlicles, w etheziérgpcated separstltaelllybor in packages with oergo0ds_ en en ,s ea `ttet · dall such articles shall be tzgainst, seized, andzogllélged lily due ¤·¤¤¤.•=¤=· course of law. _ All such prohibi articles and the acka ein which they are contamed in the course of importation shall be riatained by the officer of customs, and proceedings taken against the same as hereinafter prescribed, unless it appears to the satisfaction of the collector of customs that the obscene articles contained in the pack- Prmoz age were mclosed therem without the knowledgehpr consent of the ag? m bun: ex- gmporter, owner, §e¤t, or cousigneeg Provided, t the drugs herembefcre mention , when imported in bulk and not put up or any