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SIXTY ·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 32. 1913. 221 case the notice required shall be served upon the defendants in the case and upon the attorncytgcncml of the State. A11 cases peudin m;§‘“‘°' °' P°¤*“¤¤ in the Commerce Qourt at c date of thofpassagc of this Act shalt? ` be deemed pending in and be transferred orthwith to said district courts cxccgt cases which may previously have been submitted to that court or iiml decree and the latter to be transferred to the district courts if not decided b the Commerce Court before December inst, nineteen hundred and cou, and all cases wherein injunctions or other orders or decrees, mandatory or otherwise, have been directed or cutcmdtgrior to the abolition of the said court shall bo transferred fbrthwi to said district courts, which shall have jurisdiction to proceed therewith and to enforce said injuuctions, orders, or decrees. Each of said cases and all the records, pa ers, and ,¤E”°“f°’ °' '°°°'°" proceedings shall be transferred to the district court wlimreiu it migg have been filed at the time it mm filed in the Commerce Court if Act had then been in effect; and if it might have been Hlcd in any one of two or more district courts it shall c tramfcrrud to that one of said district courts which may be designated by the petitioner or petitioners in said case, or, upon failure of said petitioners to act in thepromisss within tlurty days nftorthe passage of thisAct, to such one of said district courts as may be d?atcd by the judges of tho COIllH1€1'GG_C0\11’t. Tho judges of the mmcrcc Court shall m§$"&’,*,¥, °J, ,?,,,,‘P? have authority, and am hereby directed, to make any and all orders ***¤¤°°¤·°*°— and to take art? other action necessary to transfer as aforesaid the ' cases and all e records, papmsz and proceedings then pondingjxn the Commerce Court to said dmtrict courts. All administratnve B¤¤¤=¤» d¤¤1¤¤¢¤» ¤*=¤- books dockets, files, and all PSOIS of the Commerce Court not

 u  t -df tha··rcco of anguparcicular cass shall be _

lodged in the artment of Justice. fungiturq cm-pets, md r¤r¤m¤¤,¤w. other pmgcrty nf the Commerce Court is turned over to the Department of ustncc and the Attomey General is authorized to supply d,§{°g,}’Y,§g““c°g{,}i‘g such portion thereof as in his jugfmout may be ropor and necessary ¢i¤¤· to the United States Board of odistion and (gonciliation. Any case hcroaftmj remanded from the Supreme Court which, but m,Y,°§,‘§,,§§n‘g“§;’i,; for thogmssaga of thu Act, would have been remanded to the Com- ¢¤¤r¤- merce ourt, shall be xiemandod to s district court, designated by the Supreme Court, wherom it might have been instituted at the time it was instituted in the Commerce Court if this Act had then been in effect, and thereafter such district court shall take all necessary and ropar proceedings in such casa in accordance with law and such memgatc order, or decree therein as may be made by said Supreme Court. Ali laws or parts of laws inconsistent with the foregoing provisions p9,,I'fg',‘{f"“°°“° ‘“'"°‘ relating to the Commerce Court, are repealed. uy. ac, pp. me- UNITED STATES COURTS. ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤m¤¤¤¤¤r¤ For payment of salaries, fees, and eggcnses of United States mar- M¤¤¤¤¤*¤ shuls and their d utics, including the ca expenses of United States marshals in the ogistrict of Alas az; to include payment for services rendered in behalf of the United States or otherwise, and includirgg services in Alaska and Oklahoma in collecting evidence for tha Unit States when so especially directed by the Attorney General, $4,500. The accounting officcrs of the Treasury are hereby authorized to °°“"°°“°°*‘“’*"‘°*" allow in the accounts of the United States marshal for the district of G}““§“,§f,§;mQ’ S:',§§ Connecticut amounts {fd b him from the appropriation pay of Lyxgiy E- H¤w1¤w bailiffs, and so forth uiteJStates courts, nineteen huxgdxjcd and twelve, to Salah G. Bllakcman, $192, and from the appropngmon pay of bailiffs, United States courts, nineteen lumdrcd and thurteeuz to Salah G. Blakemau, $363, and to Timothy E. Hawley, $:513, u0twith— standing the fact that said also served and recmvcd companaation as Held deputy Umt tastes marshals.