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SIXTY ·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 32. 1913. 223 Service for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen is reappropriated and made available for the same purpose for the iiscal year _ nineteen hundred and fourteen except for such urposes as the appro- E‘°°°"°”‘ priations under the Supervising Architect maylhe available. - DEPARTMENT OF COMLIERCE. m(£_:°p¤rtm¤¤t¤fo¤m· The Secretary of Commerce is authorized to enter into a contract W•¤=M¤¤¤¤s1>¤¤¤¢- for the rental of a water-cooling lant in the building in course of erection at the northeast corner ol) Nineteenth and H streets northwest, for the period covered by the department’s lease of that building, and to pay for the same out of the appropriation for contingent expenses of the department. BUREAU our Forrnrcrr nm norrnsrrc commncn. ggxgrgmmuspxd Investigating cost of reduction: For salaries and all other actual Investigating mu necessary expenses, Held investigations at home and abroad, *"$‘l,,"f’§§,°'{;_ m com ensation of special kaggnts, clerk hire, and rental of puarters in V°*·¤"·P·*°7· Washington, District of lumbia purchase of books o reference and manuscripts, to enable the Iiureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce of the Department of Commerce to ascertain at as early a date as tpgssible, and whenever industrial changes shall make rt essential, cost of producing articles at the time dutiable in the United States, in leading countries where such articles are produced, b fully specified units of production, and under a. classincation allowing the different elements of cost of such articles of production, including the wages paid in such industries per day, week, month, or year, or by the piece; and hours employed per day; and the profits of manufactruers and producers of such articles; and the comparative cost of living, and the kind of living ; what articles are controlled by trusts or other combinations of capital, business operations, or labor, and what effect said trusts or other combinations of ca rtal, business operations, or labor have on production and prices, Escalp year nineteen hundred and fourteen, $50,000. , BUREAU OF FIS@IE8. Fhnerten Bureau. There may be paid during; the year nineteen hundred and m·g¤k· f¤~¤¤¤ ¤¤¤· fourteen, from the appropriation for miscellaneous expenses Bureau ·n;v.r,e•e.,¤pm•• of Fisheries (Alaska fur-seal fisheries), the traveling and subsistence "‘§',{,‘f·,,_ M_ expenses to and from the islands, and subsistence while on the islands, not to exceed $5,000 per annum, of the naturalist, school·teachers, ph icians, and other ggsons detailed to the fur-seal islands by law, orlmsy direction of the retary of Commerce, and traveling and subsistence expenses, hire of boats, and employment of temporary labor in connection with the work of the fur wardens rn Alaska under the ver. eu, p. eas. got of April twenty-first, nineteen hundred and ten, not to exceed 6,000. STEAMBOAT-INBPECHON snnvrcm. ms:.m·¤m.r¤spee. For two local inspectors, clerk hire and contingent expenses of the L., Angela, ur local board of steamboat inspectors, Iios Angeles, California, author- $_‘,’f*3,,*“*;)!§°f,}°,3”·°°°- ized to be establishedalhy the Act approved March fourth nineteen ’ ` hundred and thirteen, expenditures to be made in accordance with existing law,_ fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen, $8,000. Hereafter rnspectors and other employees in the Steamboat·Inspcc- ,,§§;,$_* °*P°“°°° '°‘ tion Service shall be allowed, in lieu of mileage, ong their actual necessary traveling expenses while traveling on o cial business assigned them by competent authority.