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SIXTY-THERD CONGRESS Sess. I. Cns. 38, 39. 1913. 235 CHAP. 38.—An Act To authorize the county of Miami, Indiana, to construct a N0V¤¤1b¤1‘2’/. 1913- bridge across the Wabash River in Miami County, Indiana. [H· R· 8"°2·l [Public, No. 37.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives <y" the United _ States ofAmenk:a in Congress assembled, That the county of Miami, of ,V}',”;‘,;?,’§§§,j,‘;°'·,¤d_ the State of Indiana is hereby authorized to construct maintain, and my ¤r1dx¢.¤¢i’$r¤· ' operate a brid§e and approaches thereto across the W,abash River at J a point where roadway Street of the cig of Peru intersects with the right bank of said Wa ash River and roadway Street of the corporate town of South Peru, Indiana intersects with the left bank of said Wabash River, in the county oi Miami, in the State of Indiana, in accordance with the provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to regu- V¤*· 3% r- 8*- late the construction of bridgles over navigable waters/’ approved March twenty-third, nineteen undred and six. Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby ¤¤°¤‘l¤¤*· expressly reserved. , Approved, November 27, 1913. CHAP. 89.-An Act To amend section twenty-three hundred and twenty-four of D°°°i'§b§§é-]1°l3‘ theRevised8htutesoftbeUnitedStatesrela$ingtnminingclaims. Be itenadedbytJneSenateandHaaeeoj`Representatr?ves_oft}ae United States of America in Congress aseembkd, That th?v1sion of section Agxment mk on twen6y·three hundred and twenty-four of the evgsed Statutes of ,,,B,§,,,"*§,,‘§ the nited States, which requires that on each claim located after f¤Eg33w_m4’ m the tenth day of May, hundred and seventy-two, and until P' patmt has been issued t or, not less than $100 worth of labor shall be or improvements made during each year, be suspended or the you nineteen hundred and thirteen as to mining claims situated on Seward Peninsular, in the district or Territory 0 Alaska west of longitude one hundred and 1’ifty-eigll:t west and north of latitude sixty-four, so that no claim w `ch has been regularl located and recorded as required y the local laws and mining regugtions within such area so described shall be subject to forfeiture for nonperformance of the annual assessment for the year nineteen hundre and thirteen: Promlled, That the claimant or claimants of any mining location in order to secure the benefits of this Act shall cause to be recorded in the office where the location notice and certificate is filed on or before December thirty-first, nineteen hundred and thirteen, a notice that he, she, or the in fgnod faith intend to hold or work said claim: And pr0m2ZeddfurtL1·, t this amendment ,_,,§§""°" "° '°°°“*°" shall in no way annul, modify, or re e said section as to any mining claims, either in the district of Aiiaska or elsewhere, except those said mining claims within the area herein particularly described. Approved, December 1, 1913.