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238 s1.xTY-THIRD CONGRESS. sms. I. nm. 7, 9, 10. 1913. A 1913- . . t Resolution' a tions for certain expenses incident to lI¥F£¤Rg,· lm] thhlqfigshssiiooiinof the sixty-third [Pub. Res. No. 6.] . . ' Resolved the Senate and House o Re esentatzves o the United n$5££°g%;ii°i¤¤i°r States of Arrziyenha in Uongress assembled ‘ Tlilit the fol1ow1£g_ sums are appropriated out of any money in the 'l‘reasu1y not otherwise appropriated, namely: B*"“‘°· snnxrn. For compensation of the officers, clerks, messengers, and others in the service of the Senate, namely: P""‘ For sixteen p es for the Senate Chamber at the rate of $250 per day each from ily first nineteen hundred and thirteen, imtil the . close of the first session oi the Sixty-third Congress; so much as may be necessary. ¤ii§°:..°° °f R°°"°`°` nousm or nnrnnsnnrarrvns. For the fou0W1Dg· employees from and including July first, nineteen hundred and thirteen tlie close of the first semion of the Sixty- third Congress, namely: _ _ _ P¤¤•· •*°· For forty-six p , including two nding pages, four telephone pages, one press page, an ten [pages or duty at the entrances to the Hall of the House, at $2.50 per ay each; three telephone operators, at the rate of $75 per month each; so much as may be necessary. Approved, August 12, 1913. Beptunhsr 11, 1913. . . Joint Resolution Authorizmg' the Secre of the Senate and the Clerk S- I- R'°·“·] oiltghg gmx of Representatives to advance to of the Commimion [Pub. Res., No. 7.] appointed under the Act appgoved June thirtieth, nineteen hundred thirteen, g¤;1;lit•uh1ns of money as may newssary for the carrying on of the Commission, and Resolved by the Senate and House %R'ipresentatives of the United cj,,‘f,~},L§,‘{, States of America in Congress assemb , hat to enable the Commisnnnsrium, ew- sion appointed under section twenty —three of the Act “Making appro- ‘"'"’p‘ NL riations for the current and contingent expenses of the Bureau of gndian Aifairs, for the iiscal ear ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen," approvedy June thirtneth, nineteen hundred and thirteen to make the investigation ordered in said section, in the States of Wasl1in§en and New Mexico; that the Secretary of the Senate and the Cler of the House of Reéilresentatives be, and they are hereby, Advagegiiegl Uhm- authorized to advance to the airman of said Commissmn such sums mw °" ° ‘ as may be necessary to pay witnesses, stenographers at not exceeding one dollar per printed page, and for clerical assistance, and the traveling· expenses of the Commission incident to said investigation from the contingent fund of the Senate and House of Representatives in ,,,;*1*1****** ¤' '°¤¤¤· e?ual parts; 1t6m1Z9d vouchers for all such expenditures on the part o the Senate to be approved by the Committee to Audit and Control the Contin%:t Expenses of the Senate, and those on the part of the House of presentatives, by the Committee on Accounts of the House of Representatives. Approved, September 11, 1913. ?;%°;§‘;i§.j;2;§23; AI£§1oic;%Li To provide for the relrd and transportation of destitute Resolved by the and House of Re esentatives of the United miréxican dumb- States of Ame1‘wa in Congress assembled, Ti;-t there is hereby appro- . ‘ pnated, out of any money 111 the Treasury not otherwise appropri-