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276 sixrr-rmnn eorzennss. sm 11. ce. 9. 1914. mppecgi ew., for preparations and derivatives thereof, other than smoking opium or mm *"""°’°‘“` opium prepared for smoking, may be imported for medicmal purposes Aw; 1>- 1i& op] , under regulations which the of the TreasuY_is hereby authorized to prescribe, and wiien ·ted shugllbe pu ject to the d ti which ma erea impo y aw. _ ,,,,,gg,,"‘}"“‘°“‘ ’°' ‘”°' · `l‘£0. 2. 'lhazz I- ersdh shall fraudulently or knowingly import or bringinto thodUnitedt1 Statthes, 01% assist in so iiogg, any or any ti or eriva 've ereo contrary w or receive goriipega Silly, sell, or in any manner facilitate the transportation, con; cealment, or sale of such opium or preparation or der1vat1ve thereof ${1* "°°"°’f.’°"i"”’ k°°`”"g *‘h‘?“*"° *3 *3."&£—‘1?”aH?Q’§FY.i‘i£°§£? w sue o mm or reparaion or e v _ - M-».· - »··-·· ‘°“°‘* Ltd °"1”£.·.."g° igiittyiii T2.? §t2.i‘€%“6‘*§¥ %‘;‘;r;‘;‘.;°;.*.;;‘t“é2.’; ·· sum no ex , mmm any time not exceeding two years, or both. Whenever, on trial for a violation of this section, the defendant is shown to have, or to have had, possession of such gpium or ujgeparatzqn or derivative thereof, such poilsslplssiortihshghfbod eemsidain citepllz Endence to auttljuziilize cpuviction ess e eenant exp epossession esaisfa tion f th ’ . $‘,‘2."'{,%’““Z‘,‘m, (2‘Snc? 3. ·i·1l`§iy0¤_ma after July Erst, nineteen hundred and N teen all smoking o mm or opium przared for smoking found withm the United States 51all be presumed have been after the firstfday o{mApri1ti1nineteen and nine, sip thehburden of proc V on eclaiman or ea tore utsuc presumption. , P¤¤**,,¤*¤°¤' '°* "Smo. 4. That any person sub'ect to the jurisdiction of the U 'ted ’°t°' States who shall, either gzaprincipal or as accessory, receive or Ihlave m his possession, or con on board of or transport on any foreign or domest1c vessel or other water craft_ or ra1h·oad car or other yesziusxmr.gzg:;i.?2;¤.;%:.E,21.;·;i.%&22 szsgosesrs f 2 1 havingknwlede the resenc h I t craig, ogvghjiga §>f dguchhairlitlicilg, shgtlllgnozrrggplgtnghglgimxgtiijlhgvpiigf c1p_o cer ereo,s sujecttote t proviedin Mllnnpzion prima section two of this Act. Whenever on trial forg1?§lat?ox1 of this sec- ° °°°°‘ tmpl the defendalpt IS shown tlpdlialve gr to gavin had possgmion of suc o mm, suc essi t to authori)ze convictidli;SSu11le(s1; lzhe defendiixxif sliaill i•£;laii1v1tl‘i:a1c;os- {gyxlhwwl ¤_ session to the satisfaction of the jury: Provided, [mwever, That ag? spas. master of a vessel or other water craft, or person m charge of a_r - road car_or other_ vehicle, shall not be hab e under this section 1f he shall satxsfy the jury that he had no knowledge and used due diligence to aprevent the plresence of such article m or on such vessel, gait;-:&· gd ighgplrtgxé oth. er vlessel, and any such article shall be forea o .

  • ~¤¤¤¤¤¤¤f<¤ °¤¤-1- "SEc. 5. That no smog; opium or i d f ’

"“”‘“‘ iss e·=~r?i...i“i'*.i'i§iii¤¤€iii c on ereo , or a 1 11 t country, nor shall such opium be transferredldii tran(;shi]i)p;lD(-froi>1i‘ p£‘e_vess§(§i§<;6a.pothIe;· zzessel withmtiny waters of the United States 1mm a ion or an o er .

 ‘ ‘SEo. 6, Thaihoereafter it shah be unlldlwlfiilsfaor any person subject

to the jurisdiction of the United States to export or cause to be ex—

 from the United States, o1;from_ temto under its control

or jm·1sd1ction, or gsm countries m which thexzzinited States exercises extraterritori j`|1I'lSd]• ti n, ' al , , derivative, or preparation of o‘piu.1ilndi· (d§i:§e0rt<(i(§$na)];u<$tl§z1r c¤¤¤m}s»·¤g¤1su¤; ljmvided, That opium or cocaine, and salts, derivatives, or pre ara- °°'·'>'· tions thereof, except smoking opium or opium prepared for smohing, the exportauon 0 which is hereby absolutely prohibited, may be