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SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ons. 12, 14. 1914. 279 "That the Postmaster General be, and he is hereb authorized to P°°“'”;”°’ °°¤¤¤“ investigate all claims of postmasters for the loss bf money·order i=i¤i1¤i¤vi¤°Si¤i8tii>£·:$i pi; funds, postal funds, posta savings funds, postage stamps, stamped mluriiirgramrmusmenvelopes, newspaper wrappers, Sostal cards, postal savings cards, °‘“d°d- postal savings stamps and gsost savings certificates belonén to the United States in the han of such postmasters, and for thedoss of key-deposit funds, funds deposited to cover postage on mailings, and funds received as deposits to cover orders for stamped envelopes, in the hands of such postrnasters resulting from b lary, fire or other unavoidable casualty, and he shall deterrninldrgiat such loss resulted from no fault ornegligence on the part of such postmasters, to pag to such ostmasters or credit them with the amount so ascertaine to have been lost or destroyed, and also to credit postmasters with the amount of any remittance of money·order funds, postal funds, or postal savings unds made by them in com liance with the instructions of the Postmaster General, which shallp have been lost or stolen while in transit by mail from the office of the remitting postmaster to the office desigggted as his depository, or after arriva at such depository office and ore the postmaster at such depository &•;g~;)m_ m ofzlice has become responsible therefor: Provided, That no claim wbezepema to dg: exceeding the sum of $10,000 shall be paid or credited until after "°°°· the facts shall have been ascertained y the Postmaster General and reported to Congress, toggther with his recommendation thereon, and an appropriation made therefor: And provided further, That this L““““*°“’· Act shall not embrace any claim for losses as aforesaid which accrued more than four years prior to the date of approval of this Act; and all such claims must be presented within six months after such date and no claim for losses which may hereafter accrue shall be allowed ‘ unless presented within six months from the time the loss occurred." mw mm Sec. 2. That it is hereby made the duty of the Postmaster General to re crt his action herem to Congrew annually, with his reasons thereflor in each particular case. Approved, January 21, 1914. cnn. 14.-rn. Act cmr a are rum arm cmu mama com , a *`°"“‘$‘ it °"· corporation of the State of Utaihxlgperudgsion, in so far as the United Statespisniidn- gerned, to_occup§ for a right of way for its railroad track, a certain piece of land now [ “ ¤ · ·] . included m the cunt Ohvet Cemetery, Salt Lake County, Utah. Be it enacted by the Senate and Ho1¢slex;>_fRepreeentat·ives of the United ai;;°€°d?ii;vfi idiuuii States of A·m.e1wZca in Congress aaaemb That the Emigration Canon Wg; ,,,‘§§;,,,,,,,, (1,,,,,,, Railroad Company, a corporation of the State of Utah, is heregf F¤*¤*,¤;ghQ¤‘g¢y granted permission, in so far as the_ United States is concern , ams. y to occupy, for a right of way for 1l»S raihoad track, that piece of land now included m the Mount Olivet Cemetery, Salt Lake County, Mmmm Utah, particularly bormded and described as fo ows: Commencmg at a pomt one hundred and ninety-five and sixty-two one-hundredths feet east and one hundred feet north of the southwest corner of Mount Olivet Cemetery (formerly the southwest corner of the Fort Douglas Military Reservation), m Salt Lake County, Utah· thence rounding a twenty-degree and thirty-Eve minute curve to the right a distance of three hundred and fifty-one and ninety-nine one-hundredths feet to a point on the west line of the said Mount Olivet Cemetery, sard point beingrgddistance of three hundred and sixty-six and ninety-four one-hun ths feet north from the southwest corner of said Mount Olivet Cemetery, the center of said curve with aradius of two hundred and seventy-nine and ninety-four one-hundredths feet, being located at a point two hundred and seventy—mne_and ninety- four one-hundredths feet east and three hundred and sixty-six and ninety-four one-hundredths feet north from the southwest corner