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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ons. 30-32. 1914. 293 and operate the same across the Hudson River from a point suitable to the interests of navi%tion at the foot of Congress Street in the city of Troy, State of New ork, to a point on the op site side of the said river in_the city of Watervliet, at_ a_point suitable to the interests of navigation, on the hne of the existing bridge of said company; but co dm such reconstruction sha.ll be m accordance with the provisions of the v,§'T“§Q'f ,,_ M_ Act entitled “An Act to r?ulate the construction of brid es over nagigable waters/’ approve March twenty-third, nineteen Iiundred an six. Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby *"‘°"‘1”‘“"** expressly reserved. Approved, February 25, 1914. CHAP. 31.-An A t Authomizin the Secre of the Interior to sell to the cit 11****1112 191*- oi Lawton, customs? a met or tina w be $3 for mashed and wamsmppi; p1_u·p0S€B_ [Public, N0. 63.] Be itemeted ”b€S8’l'I»G»t6(I/ltd Houseo Re entativeso the United States of Amenkor in Congress assemble}; Tg? the Secretary of the §‘l§%‘,§'g,,°§‘t°L,,, Intéerior is hereby authorized to sell tt?] tp; citytof Laviton, Oklxma, *¤¤» Okiean issuea roriateconve ance e ora an imewi ° six months after the gssage and approval olf this Act for the sum of $1.25 per acre, the fogowing-described tracts of land: 'l‘he west half of section one and all of section two, townshnép three north, range thirteen west, the same to be used by the city o Lawton solely as_a part of the watershed and water su ply for said city and other public uses: Pmvided, That in the event &e ands above described cease to Jkevsrsion my mebe needed or used for the purposes above mentioned, the same shall “°°1’· revert to the Government of the United States. Approved, March 2, 1914. CHAP. 32.—An Act Authorizing the Secretary of Commerce to lease to the city m[§1h325gu' of Port Angeles, Washington, certain property. Be it enacted b the Senate and House c Re esentatives o the Umled States of Amerzksg in Congress assembZed{Th€t the Secretgry of Com- iiK§°a‘$“$f°iY1°I»vh$°sii'¤ meree 1.sPhereby arfthogized, dgrgpted, and emplowtergl {tc; lease H the '{,{§§§°,‘},{° ’°°°"‘"°" cit of ort ees tate o aslnngton a o a racto an reszrved for Qgthonise urposes by Presidential Order of February tenth, nineteen hundred) and eight, and bounded on the southwest De bm gy siubgrbani Lots numbered mile hunéiredhwdhttguty-gv; agggope ’°"1’° un re an ort -seven assown e o o ees town site, State bf Washington, ap xihved By the United States surgeyor lgeneggliof tIhe_Sitate of W cine NgOV6(;]£Il£8I' eteenun ansix-threean mrw ,e higiindred and ninety-two, tggether, with ouis) lots numbered one, two three, four, five, six, and such portion of out lot number seven (all in townshi thirty-one north, range six west, W1llamette meridian), of the Edgz Hook or False Dungeness Lighthouse Reservation, Washington, as may be uired to give a frontage of two statute miles measured in a ndstiierly and easterly direction along the westerly and northerly boundary of said reservation, beginning from a point on high-water mark opposite the northwesterly corner of _1ot one hundred and fort -seven of the said Port Ange es town ite; also the tide lands on the Strait of Fuca and on Port Angliles Harbor abutting on those portions of the Hook Lighthouse eservation heretofore described, for and duririg the full period of mnetv-mne _,.m,m_ years, for its use except as herein ter specified: Provided, That 111 myygd ¤;_>u:.¤¤~‘¤c·¤¤¤¤ said lease it shall be supulated that the Government of the United ’