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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ons. 32, 33. 1914. 295 lessee, the premises shall be restored to the same condition as before their erection. Sec. 5. That the Secretary of Commerce ma include in said lease 0**1*** *¤¤¤i*°¤¤¤¤t¤· any other provisions or stipulations which in judgment may be deemed necessary to protect the interests of the United States. Sec. 6. That said lease shall stipulate that the said roadwa to be ¤,£.{’$‘,,‘§}§“°"°° °' constructed and maintained by said city of Port Angeles, hereinbeforqzlprovided for, shall be built and completed on that portion of Ediz ook Lighthouse Reservation to be leased to the said city of Port Angeles, and also on that portion of said reservation reserved for lighthouse purposes, within one year from date thereof. SEc. 7. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby ·‘—m°¤=¤¤°¤*· expressly reserved. Approved, March 9, 1914. CHAP. 33.-An Act Ma appropriations for the service of the P Om u“"°h9· 191*- neprrment sor are fiscal yealiugrdigg Jiim massa, mem hundred arifaassis an for other purposes. [P¤b|$¢» N¤- 65-] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United . States of America in. Congress assembled, That the following sums be, pr£°c?¤l». °mx°` and they are hereby, appropriated for the service of the ost Omce VOL 5 Pm Department in conformity with the Act of July second, eighteen ` hundred and thirty-six, as follows: i omrrcn or trim rosruasrnn GENERAL. reammr omni For rent of suitable buildings for the use of the Post Omce Detpart- s.,R§§dg;'T.?§_ md ment, including the mail-bag repair shop, lock repair shop, an the g~°¤*· Division of Supplies, $32,000. For gas, electric power and light, and the repair of machinery, P¤w¤¤»¤¤=· $4,500. Fon sansmms or rosr-ormcn msrncroasz For salaries of fifteen w;<>¤¢<>¤<>¤ ¤¤¤r>¤·> inspectors in charge of divisions, at $3,000 each; thirty inspectors, at sim". $2,400 each; twenty inspectors, at $2,250 each; thirty inspectors, at $2,100 each; twenty mspectors, at $2,000 each; thirty inspectors, at $1,900 each; ninety inspectors, at $1,800 each; sixty ins tors at $1,700 each; sixty inspectors, at $1,600 each; and sixty-fiiigc inspec- •tors, at $1,500 each; m all $779,500. _ For per diem allowance of mspectors m the field while actually P¤rdi·¤¤- traveling on omcial business away from their homes their omcial domiciles, and their headquarters, at a rate to be faxed by the Postmaster General, not to exceed $3 per day: Provided, That the Post- %°,g’f',§’§‘,.,,, ,,,,,,,,_ master General ma , in his discretion, allow inspectors per diem while ¤¤¤¤¤· temporarily located, at any place on business away from their homes, or their designated domicrles, for a dperrod not exceeding twenty consecutive days at any one place, an make rules and regulations governing the foregoing provisions relating to per diem: And promded further, That no per diem shall be paid to inspectors receiving annual salaries of $2,000 or more, except the thirty inspectors receiving $2,100 each, $261,400. _ For compensation to clerks at division headquarters, fifteen, at ,,§‘(,°,j§,,,§§,_""*“‘°° $1,800 each; fifteen, at $1,600 each; twenty, at $1,400 each; thir;H, at $1,200 each; ten, at $1,000 each; and ten, at $900 each; in , $134,000. _ Tm mug m For traveling expenses of inspectors without per diem allowance, ’ °` inspectors in charge, and the chreflpost-omce inspector, and expenses incurred by inspectors not covere mp? per diem allowance, unusual and extraordinary expenses necess y mcurred for rnamtenance by inspectors over and above per diem allowance while traveling on