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302 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess.-II. Ch. 33. 1914. at a rate per mile not to exceed one·third above the rate per mile now paid for closed- uch service; and forsmanl cars and alpnartments carrying the max not to exceed the rate of 1 cent per ear foot °“““°°'°*""* per car-mile of travel: Promlded further, That the rates_ for electric car service on routes over twenty miles in length outs1de mpg cities hall texceedth tes 'df aervieeonsteamra11ro' : ro- Unmlmwm fridedfllatzneever, Tha: dgt toIe8xlceedr$15,000 of the sum hereby appropriated may be expended, in the discretion of tie Postmastialr bG:ueral, here usual dit' existor where suc servicewi _ more ¤S:Q§b$?¤t$iu°°°‘“g` grpedigihlus mdcghlicidggs and at no greay cost than otherwise, and not to exceed $100,000 of this appropriation may expended for regulation screen or motor screen wagon service which may be authorized in lieu of electric or cable car service. _ .i.q•ng,g Fring ¤¤¤¤=· For transportation of foreign mails, $4,000,000: Pnmnded, That the cxsrké tm mm. Postmaster General shall be authorized to expend such sums as may

  • "P* be necessary, not exceeding $116,000, to cover the cost to thellmted

States of maintaining sea post service on steamships conveying the ’$·"*`;`°°'°"' NW §§.'.“*i..““" "°‘.e.1.°‘°°°"‘“g ip. ’£71?x2?.· €‘%2.¥°t‘f,%“h°.e*°"‘Ep’i‘.3i.} comm railway piersgor transferring the foreign mail from incoming_steamships m Bay to the p1ers, and for transporting the mm mw foreign mail 8181:,1 at Igrcgnolulu from qulgcuxafntine _ to the p1e1s’ · or B1'1'.lD• g e msteamships crmin _ service imder contract for United States ,.,‘§{.,$*‘“* '°"°““' miicr assistinqnt Divigonog Foreign Mails, with head-; uarters in w or ew or ,5 . B°"‘¥‘°°"’°°'°""“ q For balaneeg due fo ° countikies, $681,800. T¤v¤L ·t¢· For travel and eous expenses m the postal service, office of the Second Assistant Postmaster General, $1,000. ,,0{,'&5i‘,§,§.§,f" omcn or rim rmnn ASSISTANT roscmmsrnn cn1~mn.u.. Stamps- Fo manuf ture f adhesi tam , `al·d li ,1... ¤¤V¤1¤P¢‘·¤ ..,5., t0..k.°§f .t.¤§’p., 1 {Zi? ..£i’€..°§g§f 3t..m§, é‘i°6Ztm.° “"°' °° `"°”°”` $11:;<g1b§)a{)n11facture of stamped envelopes and newspaper wrappers, °”°"1°'j”°“°‘°°°’° l•`or gayhf agent and assistants to examine and distribute stamped and o cial envelop)es_ and newspaper wrappers, and expenses of agency at Dayton, bio, $20,500. P°"“°°'“;;mm For manufacture of postal cards, $385,000.

 . M for 8****%  xv ‘°*r·.t5?· f .. · ‘

¤ v<¤_ orpa eno_ memnit or eooiecesoo ti mdm°mr'°°° re¥stered?1attterf aand cotlgecit-onth-<£le§HsirSer§ G _ orpaymen o _ m_emm or osso regis _ artic in the international mails, m accordance with convention stipul: “°i—“* ?5*°‘{°‘ .1 me .1. ...1 sm ·rme1,ew. or rave an 00118 ° ° , Hi of tt. me Assistant p0..m.e.?‘é°;.“§I;¤€°e,3¤B?° °° ° °° For travel and miscellaneous expenses in the service of the Postal mxilgeral savings sys- Savings System, office of the director, $500. P£g;_¤;s€g»(§;;;;_;la¤c omcn or ·r1=m romzm assrsruvr rosmrasrsn cmmnxn. szaugnery. For stationery including all mo -0 d 1- oisli , $125,000. m‘,'2_§D°;;L_°¤d ’°giS*"Y For official and registry envelop:s£:y$810,0)00. cos _ _ izppgeséd sms ger lilloanks, blapk ltawks, prmteg and engraved matter, bmdmg °°° ° ” °°· an car n a r or emone ’ ,3130,000, segimyswscem. _ Forblankg lazoks, andprmtegnihtgdrsdgilrgent orspecialcharacter, mcluding the prepbaration, publication, and free distribution by postmmters to the pu he of hlet containing general postal information, intaglio seals,_and other miscellaneous ituns of immediate necessity or the registry system, $7,500.