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372 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 74, 75, 79. 1914.

  • "°°*·°,· regulation: Provided That all the fees and commissions now allowed

•¤. an M _' Eg law to both suc}; register end such receiver shall, ten days after e passage and approval of this Act, be paid to and accounted for by such registerm thesame manner and in like amounts in which they are now required to be pard to and accounted for by such receiver ggpatéhbe salary, fees, and commissions of such register shall not exceed per annum. m"“°‘°°’ °‘ '°°°"”· Sec. 2. That all 0Hicial and public books, papers, plats, records, and property of every description found and remaunniin the said land office ten days from and after the approval of this ct shall be delivered to the registerof the said office, who shall become the custodian of ihfmeagté, under the direction of the Commissioner of the General ce. Approved, May 2, 1914. ¥¤!2.i9!4· _ GHAP. '{5.—AnActAuth nzmg' th State f Califo ° '

 ueuezceamnuasgrsuwe aim rmpeim ceuiay, csur?$1i?¤°»iir°i.i»%i1i)eli‘;»kuy!;>°i•:e1:i

mmm sZZ}Z}”Z‘”mm·” Zi? gm Zt’.L%"zZ.1”’” il§."€‘€§"’§?"€” °{'£'ZmU"“*d _ _¢myf¢8 e a e 0 orma ’§,,L’“ °‘ ‘°"“°" '°’°°‘ or 1ts grantees meyhwrth the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, Vi- 3% v- 71 reconvey to the mted States any of the lands heretofore granted to said State in the townships authorized to be resurve ed by the Act of en -e1gh an $‘.tL7.€’..“$:.$,."°°"d...§"“%.‘.}..‘%1’°.‘%.,°"‘3 “"’ "%`§"'“".f°°i°“‘2 §“t“"°i£° "‘?`g°· equal_ amount of vacant, unzppro riated S;ri)1?vemed,cu e8dl: _BP·;_¤:•6;“_ notnmufral sgd State: That any applica ion se ec un er ct must resented within the gixccvguegsgwknb years from the date of its Promded That the Secre? g&ty lad. 1,,.,,.,;.; tary of the Interior be, an he is hereby, authorized and directed to · issue a patent conveying to Victor Shaw, of Los Angeles, Caljfemje, the south half of section twenty-sux, in township eleven south, range thirteen east, San Bernardino base and meridian, containing three hundred and twenty acres, m Imperial Count California, upon the exgress and prior condition that said Victor Shaw shall execute an dehver to the Secretary of the Interior a t d d d ' h _ _ gre.n an ee satisfac- ££‘.§’e‘§v2m°mS§§£°£?K’1.2ii‘.l`i$sTi“§“€§ '§ul“‘h1’§‘“*“£‘g ’“Zi* °°“.`i°·"‘“g “’ _ a s t t' m and to the nerth half of section thirty-sig tlovgizsalllip ldliiggefri south,_ range thirteen east, San Bernardino base and meridian, {rnper1al;h(goue11ty,d&.lahfom1a, according to the original survey con~ agmng ee _ un ed end twenty acres, now known as part of, tract ethr yé-slvgganm towgsgrip srxtéeen soérith, rangeeiitilhxrteen and fourteen 7 0 BD DIGI'] 811 B¤¢¤1atl¤¤¤, ew. Sec. 2. That the Secretary of the lntearigg maygi’n?al;l;6ri'1?dpu;;i-lrlies and regulations for carrying this Act into effect. Approved, May 2, 1914, Us an 4. CHAP. 7 .— · · · .


iP¤¤¤¤·N<>-¤¤-1 ¤F €<>¤sr¤¤¤ “PP*'°V€d My second eighteen hundred me supplementary thereto, and the United States Department ofsgggézghéd of Acta .,es~s;·»~ s»$£f$f".i’§’éf’—:Z”$»"éS»»g»»8”““§'2»t;g~»»z’.z””“° %£"§§l“.i“”"1“ ‘”Zf’*‘ w,,°g¤¤¤¤ggg¤ Xgphg ing among the people of the United States useful add Orgzltidgl tus; ¤¤F$'e,..m..,,m mation on sub acts relating to `culture and h P · m or to encourage the application dag Omg Bc0P0mmS’ wd e Same, there may be inaugurated