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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 130. 1914. 399 the purchase of shells or proj ectiles for the Navy except for shells or proj ectiles purchased in accordance with the terms and conditions of proposals submitted by the Secretary of the Navy to all the manuacturers of shells and proj ectiles and upon bids received in accordance with the terms and requirements of such pro osals: Provided, Experiments ex- That this restriction shall not apply to purchases oi) shells or projeo— °°pt° ‘ tiles of an experimental nature or to be used for experimental purposes and paid for from the a propriation "Exper1ments, Bureau of Ordnance": Promkled, That hereafter the Secretary of the Navy rmenasasatma. is hereby authorized to make emergency purchases o war material abroad: And provided {wither, That when such purchases are made iwlfim mw °““*°*· abroad this material s all be admitted free of duty. ` Purchase and manufacture of smokelms powder, $1,150,000: S“"’F"l°“ P°"‘*°'· Provided, That no part of any money appropriated by this Act shall mee imiim. be expended for the purchase of powder other than small—arms _ gplwder at a price in excess of 53 cents a pound: Promkled further, ,,,,*f,‘};§’;,$,{’,§‘,.‘},,’°,,°§,]’,‘{ at in expenditures of this appropriation, or any part thereof, for ¤¢»¤<1!=¤=¤¤¤‘y· powder, no powder shall at any time be purchased unless the powder actory at Indianhead, Maryland, shall be operated on a basis of not less than its full maximum capacity. Fora[¢`TNava(1i Gun Fca1croa;r11nWas;11NoroN, Drlsanrcr or Cor.UM- péixm F“°t°“" Bu: ewan im rov mac e or existings ops, $75,000. “° °g’·,, mm For modifying d)r renewing breelgi mechanisms of three-inch, four- Bmch ` inch, -five-inch, and six-inch guns, to be available until June thirtieth, nixj1pteen;11undred]`;.n¢%{si7xIteen, $7%000. th Mark d R I ci 8 a d or re acing ar six-inc guns wi iu} ,,,,,,,°,,,,,l’,,“,,,g“ “

 and modernizing the Mark VI for issue, to§]en;va1l- gm

ab e until June thirtieth, nineteen hundreglualiid sixteen, $150,000. For liners for eroded guns, to be available until June thirtieth, ¤¤*¤¤=°m·**=d Smnineteen hundred aud sixteen, $100,000. _ rm- moaarying avameh fifty-caliber Mark v gms, season. ”¤d”Y*¤¤ =“¤=· Amnmrr10N Fon srrrrs or rmi- Navx: For procuring, producing, sh?p§fm““l"°“ ’°" preserving, and handling ammunition for issue to ships, $3,178,890, to be available until expended. Tonrnnons AND arruaucns: For the urchase and manufacture puiggéw °¤d °P· of torpedoes and appliances, to be avaliable imtil June thirtieth, nineteen hundred an seventeen, $1,000,000. Tonrnno STATION, Nswroirr, Rnonn Ismiw: For labor and Nf;p*gg§°R_,_’“'”¤· material; general care of and repairs to grounds, buildings, and ’ wharves; boats, instruction, instruments, tools, experiments, and general torpedo outfits, $80,000. For new and improved machinery and tools for torpedo factory, $15,000. Exrnnmrmrrs, BUREAU or ORDNANUE: For experimental work E*P°"¤°°*°’“'°'k· in the development of armor- iercing and torpedo shell and other projectiles, fuses, powders, and} high explosives, in connection with problems of the attack of armor with direct and inclined {Zire at various ranges, including the purchase of armor, powder, projectiles, and fuses for the above purposes and of all necessary material and labor in connection therewith; and for other experimental work under the cognizance of the Bureau of Ordnance in connection with the development of ordnance material for the Navy, $150,000. Amrrxe Am nqcrrrme Navi:. l\lrLrrr.i: For arms, accouterments, §§,§',*}},§",§',§f§’·equ,,,_ ammunition, medical outfits, fuel, water for steaming ]%;si1'p0§eS, and Pizgiu 286 clothing, and the printing or purchase of necessary boo of 111Si3I'¤1<>- 1>¤a,';if4s7.` tion, expenses in connection with the organizing and training of the Naval Militia of the various States, Territories, and the District of Columbia, under such regulations as the Secretary of the Navy may prescribe, $125,000.