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412 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 130. 1914. milit ments suchasriiles revolvers cartrigl eboxes bayonet scab ullldve1sacl<s, blanket bags, capteens, nfis slings; swords, "’“i1‘QS’m“"$m£$t?t °"*`iS’ "&‘£b°lr£?ac§°t€.2° §lsr““SaS§“?.§‘3d€§ ${51*5% s a mrmg tgnts, Eeld cots, field ovens, and,stoves for_tents· purchase and) repair of instruments for bands, purchase ofmusrc and musical accessories; purchase and marking of Aprrzes for excellence m gunnery and rule Iogactrce; good·conduct b ges; medals awarded to officers and ented men bg the Govemment for conspicuous, gallant, and special service; mei ental expenses of schools of aolphcatron; constructron, eqmpment, and maintenance of school, lr reorfly, and amusement rooms and gymnasrums for enlisted men, and e purchase and repair of artrcles of Held sports for men; purchase and repair of signal equipment an stores; establishment and mamtenance of targets and ranges, renting ranges, construction of buildmgs for temporary shelter and preservation of stores, and entranoe_ fees m Ammuniticmatc. c0mpet1t10I1s; p1'0o111‘111g, and handling 8mII1l1111tl0I1 and other necessary military supplies; m all $307 ,737. m,T',g°,g{’°•“°¤ 9** Tnarvsronmrrou Arm nnogzmrmc, Cours: For transportation of troops, and of apphcants for enlistment recruiting stations and recrmt depots or Posts including femage and transfers · en route, or in lieu thereo ; toilet kits for issue to recruits upon thei; 0’&st enlistment and the expense of the recruiting service, $31 · . ,,§*¤•*¤*° ‘*•¤‘•°¤· Rizums or immaoxs, Mumm Comgs: and improvements , to barracks, quarters, and other public bml ngs at posts and stations; for the rentrngi leasing, undprovement, and Broctron of buildings 1n_tlre l)1strrct_of Co umbra, an _ at such other places as the pnbhc elmpgencies éhgnd for per dreroo to Ioenlisted men emoloyed under t e tron 0 rtermaste artm t t f barracks, quarters, angugther publicsbuildlngs ii; cgrllstarss lsiboalrfgr F l periods of not less than ten days, $140,000. °'°‘°‘ _ Fonaen, Mmmm Cours: For feng in kind and stabling for publrc ammals of the Quartermastefs partment and the authorized C t U { number of officers’ horses, $22,200. t q¤§}{L‘,€?° “ °” ° Comuvrarron or quaivrmrs, Mxnnm Comm: Oommutntmu of .ré?"“°°""“*‘ "°°*’°· quarters f<>r oiicers serving with troops where there are no public quarters belonging to the Government, and where there are not suiiicrent quarters possessed by the United States to accommodate themcommutation of quarters for enlisted men em loyed as clerks and messengers rn the offices of the commandant, adggrtant and inopector, payrnaster, and quartermaster, and the offices of the assistant a jutant and inspectors assistant prolysmasters, assistant quartermastexs, at $21 each per month, and for e ted men employed as messengers in said Cmmgmt offgoes, at $10 ealog per m(ogth, $7§_,000f;°; ht Nrm nm rmm ars: or msag , Us age, advertising, washing of bed sacks, covers? piillowcggg towels, and sheets, funeral expenses of officers and marines, including the transportation of bodies and their arms and wearm apparel from the place of demise to the homes of the deceased in the ilmted Statesstationery and other paper, printing and bindirgg; telegraphing, rent of telephones; purchase, repair, an exchange typewriters apprehension of stragglers and eserters; per diem of enlisted men employed on constant labor for oigods of not less than ten days; employ- ment of civrhan labor; pure e repair, and installation and maintenance of gas, electric, sewer, and water pipes and fixtures; office and barracks furniture, camp and garrison equipage and implements · mess utensils for enlisted men; packing boxes, wrapping paper, oilcloth, crash, rope, twine, quarantrne fees, camphor and carbolized paper carpentexs' tools, tools for police purposes, safes; purchase, repair: