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418 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 131. 1914. cost of said land, together with the cost of the improvements thereon and the present value of such improvements, the amount which in his opinion can be realized from the sale of said real nproperty, mcluding buildings and other improvements, at private s e, and whether rn his opinion it would be most advantageous to sell the same at public or at private sale, and to advise Oo as to whether lt would be ,h},’§;,jj”““°*¤°° *“· better for the Govemment to sell said property or to lease rt. And ` the Secretary of A.%C`l|lfI.l1°0 is authorized, in his discretron, to d1s- continue the use of ount Weather as a weather station and if necessary place a keefper in charge thereof for its protection and care, the expenses thereo to be paid out of the appropriation made herein for necessary expenses of the Weather B1u·eau outside of the city of Washon. malotal for the Weather Bureau, $1,667,270. s.t2.E:?‘ """""’ BUREAU or ANIMAL mnusrnr. ,,,,1;;;,, §,f,,,;’,f*j,;’,§_ °' SAnAnms, Bunmu or Amnnr. Irmusrnrz One chief of bureau, $5,000; one chief clerk, $2 500; one editor and compiler, $2,250; six clerks, class four; one clerk, $1,680; thirteen clerks, class three; two clerks, at $1,500 each; twenty-three clerks, class two· two clerks, at $1,380 each; three clerks, at $1,320 each; one clerk, $1,300; one clerk, $1,260; thirty-nme clerks, class one; one clerk, $1,100; one clerk, $1,080; fifty clerks, at $1,000 each; two clerks, at $960 each; sixty-four clerks,»at $900 each; one architect, $2,000; one architect, $900; one illustrator, $1,400; one laboratory hel er, $1,020; two laboratory helpers, at $840 each; one laboratory llfelper, $720; one laboratory helper, $600; one laboratory helper, $480; one instriunent maker, $1,200; one carpenter, $1,100; two carpenters, at $1,000 each; one messenger and custodian, $1,200; one messen er and custodian, $1,000; one skilled laborer, $1,000; thirty-three gcilled laborers, at $900 each; two skilled laborers, at $840 each; three skilled laborers, at $720 each; nine messenaelrs, skilled laborers, or laborers, at $840 each; ten messe§frs, skilled borers, or laborers, at $720 each; two messengers, s ed laborers, or laborers, at $660 each; eleven laborers, messengers, or messenger boys, at $600 each; three laborers, messengers, or messenger oys, at $540 each; thirty-two laborers, messengers, or messenger boys, at $480 each; six laborers, messengers, or messenger boys, at $360 each; one watchman, $720; one charwoman, $600; one charwoman, $540; eleven charwomen, at $480 each; four charwomen, at $360 each; one charwoman, $300; two charwomen at Gm I $240 each; in all, $347,030. i V__,_'z’;‘, _ Gmznniu, nxrnrxsns, Bunmu or ANmAr. Immsrnr: For- o -

 out the dpgplvisions of the Act a roved May twenty-nlh-ith

v¤1.ze,p.m. mg mn hun and °i$ht.Y·f°uI'» wtaglislling 8· Bureau of Industry, and the provisions of the Act approved March third eighteen hrmdred and ninety-one, providing for the safe transport VI 26 4 and_humane treatment of export cattle from the United States to °· »P· "‘· forergu countries, and for other purposes; the Act approved August thrrtreth, eighteen hundred and ninety, providing for the importation of mto the United States, and for other p es- and the V¤*· $2: P· 1%- provisions of the Act of May ninth, nineteen hnd two extending the inspection of meats to process butter, and providing V1 for the inspection of factories, markin of ackages, and so forth· °-”· v~ N1- and the provisions of the Act approve?] February second nineteeri hrmdred and three, to enable the Secre of Agriculture to more etfectually suppress and prevent the sprebzgof contagious and infectious diseases of live stock, and for other purposes· and also the "°L ”»P· me provisions of the Act approved March third, nineteen hundred and ve, to enable the Secretary of Agriculture to establish and maintain