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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 132. 1914. 443 Envo extraordinary and minister leni otentia to Roumania, Servia, {nd Bulgaria, $10,000· P P ry Minister resident and consul general to Liberia, $5,000; ,,,,°§$°.f, g,,,,'§“,,§l°"° Agent and consul general at airo, $6,500; Agana, sm, cam. Provided, That no salary herein agppropriated shall be paid to any {;;,·;**r;°·mtdcu°n official receiving any other salary rom the United States Govem— ` ment; Charges d’aifaires ad interim, $50,000; °“°"“"“““’“‘ Tota , $587,000. sananms or srzcnmunrms or mrmissms AND LEGATIONS. ,,E,°?,§,§‘§Q‘“é,§,f,§§{“* Secretaries of embassy to Austria—Hunga5y, Arintina, Brazil, E‘“"’““°’· Chile, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, apan, exico, Russia, P,,,,,,,,,,_ Spain, and Turkey, at $3,000 each, $39,000: Prmnkled, That of the tiggsgvrgglsggggrvw amount arépropriated for salaries of secretaries of embassy to Argon- aaa. p. ml tina and ile so much as may be necemary shall be available for payment of salaries of secretaries of legation to Argentina and Chile at the rate of $2 625 each per annum and shall continue and be available during the fiscal ear ending June thirtieth nineteen hundred and fifteen, until sucli time as dulg accredited secretaries of embassy shall have been received by the overnments of the Argentine Republic and of Chile, respectively; Japanese secretary of embassy to J apian, $3,600; Turkish secretary of embassy to Tur ey, $3,600; Chinese secretary of legation to China, $3,600; I'°°°°°°' Secretaries of legation to Belgium, China, Cuba, and the Netherlands and Luxemburg, at $2 625 each, $10 500• Secretaries of legation to Bolivia Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, Guatemala, Greece and Montenegro, Haiti, Honduras, Liberia, Morocco, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Paraguay, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, and Venezuela, at $2,000 each, $42,000; Secretar]y3of legation to the Dominican Republic and consul general at Santo omingo; secretary of legation to Salvador and consul general to San Sa vador; and secretary of legation to Siam and consul general at Ban kok, at $2,000 each, $6,000; Secretary of Iegation and consul general to Roumania, Servia, and Bulgaria, $2,000; Secretary of legation to Persia and consul general at Teheran, who shall be an American student of the lan age of that country, $2,000; Second secretaries of embassy to §i1stria—Hunga , Argentina, S°°°”‘ ’°°'°°“"°“· Brazil, Chile, Great Britain, France, Germany, Ita y,rJapan, Spain, Mexico, and Russia, at $2,000 each, $24,000; Second secretaries of legation to China and Cuba, at $1,800 each, $3,600; Second secretary of embassy to Turkey who shall be an American student of the langua of that court and country, $2,000; .,,,1,,,, s,m,,,,,,,_ Third secretaries oicembassy to Great Britain, France, Mexico, Germany, and Russia, at $1,200 each, $6,000; Third secretary of embassy to Japan, who shall be an American student of the Japanese language, $1,200; Third secretariyupf embassy to Turkey, who shall be an American student of the kish language, $1,200. Total, $150,300. saunms or nrrnouarrc Arm CONSULAR orrrcnns wmm: nmcmvmo INSTRUCTIONS AND Mamma rnausrrs. To pay the salaries of ambassadors, ministers, consuls, and Other rriflsgiigritiiu md officers of the United States for the periods actually and necessarily