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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 141. 1914. 457 Senate at $2,000 each, one at card door $1 600; clerk on Journal work for Congressional Record, to be selected by the official reporters, $2,000; storekeeper, $2,220; upholsterer and locksmith, $1,440; cabinetmaker $1,200; three carpenters, at $1,080 each· janitor $1,200; skilled laborers—four at $1,000 each; laborer in charge of private»¤m,a¤. passage, $840; three female attendants in charge of ladies’ retiring room, at $720 each; telephone operators-chic at $1,200, two at PW- $900 each, night operator $720; te ephone page, $720; press gallery- superintendent $1,800; assistant superintendent $1,400; la orers— one $840, three at $800 each, thirty-two at $720 each; sixteen paghes for the Senate Chamber, at the rate of $2.50 per day each during the session, $4,600; in all $131,700. _ Om B For the follo for Senate Office Building rmder, the Sergeant mg'? °° °°°' at Arms, namely: Stenographer in charge of furniture accounts and ·°*°· keeper of furniture records, $1,200; three attendants to women’s A _ toilet rooms, at $720 each; messen$rs—·two acting as mail carriers, ah $1,200 each, one for service to e press correspondents $900; in a , $6,660. For police force for Senate Office Building under the Se;1-igeant at P°"°°'°'°° Arms, namafllyz Sixteen privates, at $1,050 each; speci officer, $1,200; in , $18,000. Posr orrron: Postmaster, $2,250; chief clerk, $1,800· six mail car- P°'°""°"°°°‘ riers, and one w on master, at $1,200 each; three riding pages, at $912.50 each; inagl, $15,187.50. _ F 01 m_ Fonnmo noon: Foreman, $1,400; assistant, $1,400; clerk, $1,200; ‘"""°° folders——six at $1,000 each, eight at $840 each; in all, $16,720. mw wo Ummn Surmnmrnunnivr or mm Carrror. BU1r.mNo AND Gnomvns: °"“"°°" ° Chief engineer, $2,160; assistant engineer and electrician, $1,800; three assistant engineers, at $1,440 each; ten elevator conductors, at $1,200 each; two machinists and electricians, at $1,400 each; laborers—four at $720 each, one in charge of Senate toilet rooms in old library space, $660; attendant for service in old library portion of the Capitol, $1,500; in all, $28,120. _ 1 d ct or the following for the Senate Office Building; under the Super- S§,,§‘L,‘$°,§§,°§u‘&dfu'§{ intendent of the Ca itol Building and Grounds, su ject to the control and supervision of the Senate Committee on Rules, namely: Fourteen elevator conductors, at $1,200 each; in all, $16,800. For assistance to Senators who are not chairmen of committees, as ,,,,’.§€“‘°““°° °° Sm follows: Twenty-four clerks, at $2,000 each; twenty-four assistant clerlfp, at $1,200 each; and twenty-four messengers, at $1,200 each; in a , $105,600. Courmonm EXPENSES: For stationery for Senators and the Bresi- §‘{,P "p"“’“‘ dent of the Senate, including $6,000 for stationery for committees and oiHcers of the Senate, $18,125. For postage stamps for the office of the Secretary, $200; for the *’°‘*“‘°“‘““’“· ofiipe o hthe eiigeantfat Arms, $10(l;%i1n all,1$3Q0. th dri _ _ Ammcbuwc VM or the urc ase 0 two automo es, mc uding e vrng, mam- 1,,,,,,,,,;,,,,,,,,,, 'k,,,_ tenance, a1l)d care of same, one for the use of the Vice President_ and W one for the use of the S aker of the House of Representatives __ $9,000· one half to be di.s5)dr·sed by the Secretag of the Senate and D*“"°“°‘°‘p°“’°“· the other half to be disbursed by the Clerk of e House of Representatryes. Fore enses of maintaimng' and e ui ingmotor vehicles for carry- “““'°“°l°’· ' the igailsg, $6,000 or so much thfelrelifas may be necessary. F _ ml•`or materials for folding, $2,000. _ dd"' For folding speeches and pamphlets, at a rate not exceeding $1 per thousand,_$8,000. _ _ _ Fw M For fuel, oil, cotton waste, and advertising, exclusive of labor, ·° · $1,500. _ For purchase of furmture, $8,500. F“"‘“°"’·